More enterprises than ever before are now making the transition from land line telephony to VoIP. The Internet-based VoIP is becoming the communication method of choice, for the most part due to its cost-saving benefit. But cutting back on telephone bills isn’t the only great thing about VoIP; Switching to internet-based voice communication can help your business go green as well. This post highlights three environmentally friendly aspects of transitioning to business VoIP.

3 Ways VoIP Helps to Minimize Businesses’ Global Footprint

1. Hosted VoIP systems don’t end up in landfills.

Back in the day when almost every office used cable and hardware laden telephony, the used up equipment would end up in landfills. These add to the overall toxic waste with all the inherent harsh implications affecting the environment.

Today, as more companies are switching to VoIP and hosted VoIP, they do not require any physical devices or hardware for their telecommunication needs. Although the VoIP provider does use actual hardware to offer its voice call service to customers, it is able to cater to countless companies and offices which consequently do not contribute to environmental pollution.

2. VoIP increases telecommuting, reduces carbon emissions.

Thanks to features such as virtual extensions and video calls, VoIP makes it possible for many business professionals and employees to skip the car ride or flight to the office, meeting or any other location, and handle their work right from their home computer or mobile phone. This greatly reduces carbon emissions on a huge scale and helps to minimize companies’ overall global footprint.

3. IP faxes reduce energy and paper consumption.

Today the fax-to-email feature of VoIP makes the analog faxing method more obsolete than ever before. Instead of sending faxes to an actual machine that takes up electricity and paper, users can send and receive faxes the digital, paperless way. This, too, helps businesses go green and minimize their effect on the environment.

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