As soon as you catch yourself thinking I wish I could do this and that with my corporate phone system: the time for a change has inevitably come. Communication technology has made a giant leap over the last decade, and using obsolete solutions now equates to killing your business. Still, you might not even realize there is room for improvement while the old system is working smoothly. Only taking a closer look at your business practices and expenses will tell you it is time that your company embrace VoIP.

Sign #1: High repair and maintenance costs

When was the last time you repaired your phone system? As time goes by, phone equipment grows old, manufacturers stop supporting it, and fixing it becomes a great deal of trouble. If you are spending more and more resources to revitalize your desk phones, then probably it will be more cost-efficient to replace them completely.

Sign #2: Future (or existing) need for new infrastructure

Planning on new offices and locations? Even if these are only plans, it is better to think in advance and get ready for the related costs. Establishing the telephone infrastructure from scratch in a new location is time-consuming and expensive. VoIP termination on the other hand does not entail any additional expenses and saves time, as no additional infrastructure is needed. You can use your existing Internet equipment.

Sign #3: You can’t make or receive as many calls as you would like to

Do your customers have to hold more often than not? Are you getting an avalanche of phone calls you can’t possibly answer? It means that your phone system is not coping with its tasks, i.e. it is not functional enough to meet your business needs. Another possible scenario is when an employee picks up a receiver to call a client and finds out there are no lines available.

Sign #4: You pay too much for landline connection

Are your phone bills skyrocketing? This is another sign you should start using VoIP. Due to its cost efficiency, you can start saving instead of paying more and more.

Analyze your phone practices. Most likely, the old system does not suffice any more, and you just haven’t noticed it until now. Services such as SIP trunking and VoIP origination can be essential to support your growth, as well as to have your back on an already existing business level. Embrace the change, and it will pay off a hundredfold.