Impeccable and effective communication is in the heart of any sales and marketing campaign, that’s obvious. But if you are running an industrious sales department that needs to rely on high call volume where agents can make numerous calls at the same time, then you should consider a solid termination service.

Over the past few years, CommPeak has gained significant experience working with Forex, binary options platforms and brokers of all sizes. Our specialized short duration termination (SIP Trunking) service allows us to offer many advantages to this unique market segment. How do we do it? Our strategically placed PoPs and long-time relationships with numerous direct telecom operators enable us to offer Forex/binary operators the highest possible level of service. This includes guaranteed Caller ID pass-through to even the most exotic destinations and crystal clear voice quality, thus giving your sales reps the optimal environment for them to convert.

CommPeak’s vast footprint gives your platform or brand the access to both well established and emerging markets worldwide – many of which are considered the ‘bread-and-butter’ of this industry such as the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Asia and more.

In addition, you get to utilize our robust yet easy to use Online User Portal, where you can easily create and setup multiple SIP Trunks, monitor account statistics, review past, current and future price lists, examine call records and even fund your account using PayPal and all other major payment methods.

Want to know more about our short duration termination service that Forex and binary options companies favor so much? Here are some key features: Guaranteed Caller-ID pass-through (shorter: “Caller-ID Delivery”)

  • Crystal Clear Voice Quality
  • 7 Strategically Placed PoPs
  • 24/7/365 NOC Support
  • Online User Portal
  • Aggressive Pricing 
  • Dedicated Account Manager

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