With the increasing prevalence of internet-based call services and business VoIP technology, existing landline telecommunication technologies are seeing a sharp decline in demand and use. Now there is hard evidence that traditional PSTN is on its final way out.

A recent survey made by interwork and ATLANTIC-ACM published last November shows that as many as 74% of US wholesale voice buyers say the disruptive technology trend that will most affect their business is “The Death of the Landline.” This comes as no surprise with the ever-increasing rise in VoIP as well as mobile phone use in the past 5 years.

The same survey also highlights the migration of business telecommunication toward VoIP – 72% of respondents pointed at migration to 100 percent VoIP over long-term evolution (LTE) as a close second in market disruption, a statistic which clearly shows how wireless carriers and VoIP service providers are becoming almost interchangeable.

And what starred as the No. 1 threat to telecommunication? Nearly half of all survey respondents had one word as an answer: competition. Wholesale VoIP providers are popping all over, and it seems every single one of them offers competitive prices and high redundancy. But superb wholesale VoIP service is not necessarily manifested in the lowest rates; at CommPeak we understand that what really makes a good provider stand out is its combination of industry experience, solid infrastructure, long-lasting partnerships with leading carriers, affordable rates and technical support. CommPeak’s wholesale VoIP termination has all five.

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