CommPeak has been around for a while now, offering VoIP termination and origination to a variety of companies and business sectors. This past year we’ve established sector-specific services to accommodate the growing needs of different market niches lacking high quality voice solutions.

As these new services eve loved, we wanted our website to reflect these changes, and make the information available to those companies we were starting to provide for. So, we are happy to announce that we’ve done a semi-face lift to our VoIP termination website and you are more than welcome to check us out.

What’s new? We’ve added a carrier-grade short duration termination service as one of our main offered solutions. This service is particularly relevant to (but not limited to) call centers and businesses in need of high volume of concurrent calls. In addition, we have a beefed up voice origination service as well as toll-free numbers.

So feel free to explore our upgraded website, and feel free to sign up and try us for free!