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Lead Routing: Leading the Way to Effective Sales

Veronika Petrenko

December 3, 2020

When your business has too many leads, tasks, or tickets to process, some of them can simply be lost during a transition period or assigned to the wrong agents. This lost or inappropriate care of the incoming traffic might harm the customer experience and hence the company’s growth. CommPeak Lead Routing is an innovative lead or tickets delivery system. It automatically routes incoming traffic according to the set criteria or company’s strategy.

In sales, every minute counts, and every lead means money. That is why an instant response from the sales representative can change the rules of the game. What is more, it can positively influence your prospects’ decision-making process. CommPeak automated solution drastically reduces the response time. Each sales representative gets an instant notification about the received lead and can immediately respond to the inquiry and crack the deal. Plus, by fully automating the lead assignment process, you will be able to reduce the human factor, thus avoiding any possible human mistakes.  

How does it work? 

As noted before, the main aim of a lead routing system is to distribute leads among the members of your team. You can customize this process and make it work for your very business logic by scoring your leads. For example, you can route leads to the right employees based on your agents skills, spoken language, necessary background, and other parameters. These criteria will help you allocate your leads to the best-matched counterpart and increase the chances of winning your prospects. 

Why do you need CommPeak Lead Routing?

As a city without traffic signs, the lead distribution process becomes chaotic without the right software. That is why you should invest in a robust lead delivery system. CommPeak Lead Routing comes with a variety of helpful features that can better and automate the process of traffic assignment and eliminate human errors.

Real-time distribution

It is paramount for any business to have a short response time, as experiencing delays in connecting with a prospect can lower conversion chances. That’s why real-time lead distribution is crucial. Thanks to our rule-based traffic delivery system, you can set your own criteria for the lead assignment and even re-route your leads to the next available agents once there is a delay from your side. This ensures that you won’t have so-called dropped leads if you can’t respond on time.

Productive management with smart analytics

Our automated lead distribution service has an advanced analytics and reporting tool, which allows you to spot some routing trends and increase your lead assignment efforts for business growth. You can keep a close eye on each step of the lead assignment process and get a detailed review of all the handled leads.


CommPeak Lead Routing has numerous filter options, which is extremely helpful when dealing with a high lead quantity. By filtering your leads, you can easily find out which leads are the most relevant to your business or check their statuses. Filtering makes it easy for you to get a quick overview of the data you are interested in without spending too much time searching, which drastically increases business productivity. 

Duplicate management

Using our automated routing solution, you can set your rules, easily detect which leads have already been handled, and save your time handling them twice. 

Seamless CRM integration

CommPeak Lead Routing can be seamlessly integrated with any CRM of your choice. The system will automatically detect available leads for distribution from your CRM and immediately assign them to the right agents based on the predefined rules. By integrating Lead Routing with your CRM, you will have a complete picture of your customers’ interactions and their buying habits. Besides, your employees won’t waste time on data entry and can focus on more important things. 

Bottom line

If you want to smartly manage the entire process of your lead distribution, you should make it fully automated. Forget about manual lead handling, and go for CommPeak Lead Routing. In case you still have concerns and aren’t ready to make a decision yet, feel free to contact our sales team and get a virtual demo tour of our product. 

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