Following my post on how to correctly authenticate your SIP account, I wanted to discuss the authentication options on a security level. There are always security concerns when accessing sensitive information via the Internet, and this is why CommPeak offers several different levels of security when setting up your SIP account.

As you can see in the image below, we offer 3 authentication methods. Each method has a different level of security when registering your SIP account, and you have the option to choose which level best  fits your business’s needs.

1. Username & Password

This method of authentication provides the basic level of security for your SIP account. This is the most common method of signing in and most individuals are perfectly fine with this level of security. The only setback is you should change your password on a regular basis to avoid the possibility of an account breach. Changing your password is common practice for any type of online account, especially those containing more sensitive information. In addition, you should always choose a strong password of at least 8 characters. Try to create a mix of numbers, letters, and characters so it’s harder for an outsider to guess.

2. IP Address

Using your IP (Internet Protocol) address to authenticate is a more secure option as your IP address is a unique set of numbers than is difficult to replicate.

3. Username/Password & IP ACL

This is the most secure authentication method as you have to provide your username and password plus an IP ACL. IP ACL stands for Internet Protocol Access Control List, and its basic function is to specify which users or system processes are allowed access to your SIP account.

All three options I’ve mentioned offer a certain level of security. It is up to you to decide which level is relevant or even necessary for your SIP account.

Have any further questions concerning our authentication security options, be sure to comment below!