Although VoIP has been making grounds within the last decade, people still are hesitant to make the jump to VoIP. Not only are businesses unaware of the potential benefits of using VoIP services, there are some common misconceptions that I would like to address here.

It’s expensive

By switching your system to VoIP, you actually save money when it comes to regular upgrades. As you are not in charge of the upgrading but rather your service provider is, you don’t have to worry about the expense of maintaining the system. In addition, expect lower rates when receiving call packages from your VoIP provider. A big plus!

My business is too small to really benefit

Not true. Businesses both large and small are benefiting from the use of VoIP to connect with customers both locally and internationally at an affordable price. There are multiple different plans that can be adapted to your particular business needs.

It’s complicated to set up

Actually, the set-up is surprisingly simple. The VoIP service connects directly through the internet network and then basically is set to run. Quite an easy process compared to setting up a hard-line phone system.

The sound quality is poor

Not necessarily. The sound quality depends more on your internet connection and what type of device is being used. You need to be checking that the amount of bandwidth you are using can support your VoIP service and how much call traffic you are dealing with.

The connection is unreliable

At times VoIP connections can experience interference, but mainly due to issues out of everyone’s control; natural disasters, power outages, etc. As a VoIP user, you need to be aware of the quality of your network and how much bandwidth you are running on to avoid any mishaps at an inopportune time.

The connection isn’t so secure

Security issues shouldn’t be your main concern as long as your internal network is secure and your protection plans up to date. As long as you are on top of this, your VoIP should run smoothly without any security hitches.

Hopefully this article has cleared up the air surrounding VoIP and you are leaning towards testing it out! Check out to see what types of features may be suitable for your business and feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.