These days it seems there are hundreds of thousands of wholesale VoIP service providers, all fighting to get a piece of the market’s pie. But only a few will last the long haul, no matter how amazing their technology or service features are. What is that one thing that makes all the difference? The #1 rule of success is an old one but also the most powerful one: impeccable customer service and support.

doesn’t  matter how far reaching your company’s global coverage is, or how alluring are its redundancy and low rates. If your customer care is lacking, or if your customers are faced with technical difficulties and your support department isn’t quick to solve them, it’s only a matter of time till those clients of yours switch to another provider.

VoIP termination provider CommPeak is proud to offer a large support and customer service department, with an entire team of eager professionals to help each and every one of our customer’s issues. Always aim for the VoIP provider with a killing support capability.