Call centers live and breathe high call volume and capacity, and for this reason the predictive dialer (aka automatic dialer) is a key tool in making massive amounts of calls among customer service and call centers. Aside from the obvious benefit of agent efficiency of predictive dialers there are additional advantages which are often overlooked. This post will point some of these out.

The Benefits of Predictive Dialers in Call Centers

  1. An average increase of at least 50% in talk time (and consequently, an increase in sales).
    According to this blog post by Promero, the predictive dialer doubles the call center agent’s sales power by the system’s prediction of when the agent will finish his or her current phone call, and dialing the next customer.
  2. Overall call center productivity increases by 70%.
    Again, thanks to the predictive dialer system’s prediction algorithms, scheduling, callbacks and agent-matching capabilities, the call center ends up reaching out to more customers and generating more sales per day (as mentioned in 101’s blog post on the topic).
  3. Predictive dialers help to keep leads hot.
    This less obvious benefit is two-fold; In addition to the automation of recycling voicemails and busy numbers which ensure high conversions of call leads, predictive dialers help in keeping leads hot since call leads require quick calling in order to leverage the leads and keep them fresh. The predictive dialer does just that.
  4. Compliance.
    The predictive dialer ensures call centers and their call campaigns comply with regulations, which means call center owners needn’t worry about the risk of paying huge fines for not complying.
  5. Real-time call statistics.
    This valuable data (also called real-time visibility) lets call centers know in real-time how their agents are performing, the call volume handled at any given time, and each call’s duration, among other important variables.
  6. Auto-dialers can help boost agents’ morale.
    Although this might seem counter-intuitive, dialers do tend to boost the call agents’ mood since the predictive dialer offers a diversified blend of inbound and outbound calls throughout the day. This helps to take the edge off the daily routine. Additionally, the auto-dialers help agents become more successful, taking a big part in calling customers at the right timing, and setting the overall pace and flow of calls.

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