Is your company already benefiting from a toll-free number? Don’t worry, we are not going to recite the perks all over again. If you have been following our blog or have done a little research, you already have a solid list of reasons to use toll-free origination.

Today, we’d like to go a bit deeper into specifics and discuss how certain telephony practices can provide a boost for your business not only concerning cost reduction, but also marketing and sales.

If you recall, we’ve previously talked about using a local phone number to seem more accessible to customers; as well as purchasing a toll-free number to come across as an international brand. The next stage is integrating your telephony system into your marketing campaign, and this is where a vanity phone number could come in handy.

What is a vanity phone number?

A vanity phone number (also called a ‘toll-free phoneword’) is a number that incorporates a toll-free prefix (in most cases 1-800) and a few words or an acronym (e.g. 1-800-FLOWERS). Vanity numbers have been in use for a couple of decades already, but with the emergence of the Internet and the development of various advertising channels, these numbers have enjoyed an increase in popularity.

Why do businesses buy vanity phone numbers?

To provide you with an objective evaluation of the effectiveness of vanity phone numbers, we will name the pros and cons of getting one for your business.

You should get a vanity phone number because:

It is much easier to remember and recollect. Here are a few numbers from a corresponding study: the results proved vanity numbers had a 75.4% higher recall rate than numeric numbers, and 57.6% higher than URLs. The results differed only slightly depending on the age group and media formats (audio and visual). Even if we neglect the science for a moment, which is easier for you to remember: 1-800-NEW-TIRES or 1-800-639-84737?

A vanity phone number helps your business (even if it is rather small) to look like a big corporation with international coverage. Survey subjects mentioned that a vanity number made businesses look more professional. While the 1-800 prefix is associated with considerable business scale, the “vanity part” of it proves that a company invested in its communication strategy.

A vanity phone number provides excellent opportunities for brand building. If you complement it with the corresponding domain name (e.g., you will automatically enhance its advertising effect. Plus, if the lexical part is associated with your product (e.g. 1-800-FLOWERS), the number will speak for itself. As for advertising campaigns, vanity phone numbers generate 25-50% more response.  In audio advertisements, where capturing a telephone number in the word flow is even more difficult, the addition of a vanity number can lead to a 60% increase in response.

You should use some caution because:

You vest your hopes in technology, which may betray expectations – not all phones now have the means to dial vanity numbers. Also, it is easier to dial numbers than letters, especially if you choose words with difficult spelling (my friendly advice – don’t chose a complicated name).

A vanity number will complicate local search optimization, as it will be more difficult for search engines to associate your business with a certain location.

As usual, the right solution is somewhere in between. If you are not ready to transfer to a vanity phone number, why not use it as an additional marketing tool? After all, the advantages are numerous and outweigh the associated costs.

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