Seems like VoIP reselling is big pretty much every where you look in the IT market. And there’s a good reason why. In a previous post on the benefits of becoming a VoIP reseller, I’ve talked about how VoIP isn’t merely a trend, but a bona fide fact of technology life, among other reasons. This is all the more true today, and it is a business opportunity so great it would be a shame not to consider it.

CommPeak has recently launched its VoIP Resellers Program to offer professionals an opening in one of the fastest-growing and high earning business opportunities in the VoIP industry today. What’s so special about becoming a reseller with us? Quite a few things:

  1. No previous IT skills required. You don’t have to be a VoIP or IT expert to become a successful reseller. All you need is decent sales and marketing skills, some market research and you’re good to go. CommPeak handles technology, service and support so you don’t have to.
  2. The world has made its VoIP mind. Very strong subscriber and revenue growth rates in the past three years have positioned VoIP firmly on the  global telecommunications map. There are hardly any businesses out there still using traditional landline phones. Everyone has gone VoIP or in the process of transferring to it.
  3. Be your own boss. Establish and run your own VoIP business with CommPeak’s Resellers Program. Work with sub resellers if you like and create a solid revenue channel that is expected to keep growing at an exponential rate in years to come.
  4. Count on our premium quality service. CommPeak has firm, long-term business partnerships with tier-1 telecom companies. This means we’re able to offer carrier-grade turnkey solution to your customers as well as ongoing IT support when you or your customers need it.
  5. Private labels. We’re in the final stages of establishing our white label program, which means you’ll be able to sell our grade-A VoIP service under your own brand.

As you can see, it’s hard to argue with such a list of critical benefits. To learn more about how you can join our program, visit CommPeak’s VoIP Resellers Program where you can also sign up and start selling!