Increase your professionalism and boost your customer satisfaction with toll-free numbers.

Toll-free numbers provide a great way for customers to reach you without having to shell out money for the call. They tend to be associated with larger businesses with multiple locations, but recently, businesses both large and small are beginning to use toll-free numbers through their VoIP service more frequently for a number of reasons.

Strengthen your company brand

Toll-free numbers can help smaller companies stand out from the crowd. Combine a toll-free number with catchy company marketing and you could a have a nice tool for customers to better recognize you with and for use in promotional materials. Toll-free numbers make businesses seem more professional and credible as they are easier to contact, and the numbers themselves can even serve as a brand identity if done right.

Expand your international presence

Providing toll-free numbers for customers abroad can make a smaller company look like a giant. When customers can reach you from wherever they are located free of charge, this instantly boosts credibility and customers are more likely to call you concerning your services or products. By having an international presence whether you are a small or larger business, there is a higher likelihood of calls coming in and ultimately sales made! Toll-free numbers are a great way to increase your market reach.

Costs are relatively low

Compared to traditional toll-free numbers used with wired phone systems, those through VoIP services are available at much better rates, and can even assist businesses in saving money overall.

It’s all about the customer

Always try to give the impression you are always available to your customers when they need assistance or are looking to make a purchase. It is important to indicate that you have your customers’ interests in mind. With toll-free numbers, customers not only can reach you with ease, it is free for them to call you. Once you assure your customers you are easy to reach, watch the number of calls increase and ultimately sales will follow suit.

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