Agile Cloud-Based Communication Solutions

For Outsourcing companies, the ability to account for a wide variety of customer needs is essential. These companies require flexible, elastic, and dynamic solutions to meet their evolving needs in real-time. Outsourcing contact centers depend on reliable and secure services, regardless of peak time.

CommPeak’s Value for Outsourcing Companies

CommPeak’s extensive experience has generated the most customizable solutions on the market. CommPeak appreciates BPOs’ need to routinely adapt to new industry standards and best practices, which is why we’ve made our services so effortlessly scalable, elastic, and flexible. Our innovative automated tools give your BPO the power to track and manage agent productivity, guaranteeing your BPO contact center maximizes opportunities.

What Outsourcing Companies Gain With CommPeak


Achievable Flexibility

CommPeak’s outsourced call center solutions for inbound and outbound calls can be configured to highly specified needs. As changes occur and agents need to switch their primary functions, CommPeak’s smart, prognostic tools can be easily reprogrammed.


Maximized Active Time

CommPeak solutions drastically reduce wasted idle time. Our prognostic Dialer automatically dials numbers based on preconfigured logic. Illuminating insights by providing real-time analytics, our smart operation tools help your BPO agents optimize their time.


Modular, Scalable, Reliable Solutions

CommPeak’s full-suite communication solution maintains superior functionality even as BPO managers add and reduce extensions. CommPeak’s smart, automated tools are available on a modular basis and can be implemented as needed.


Fast, Easy Setup, and User-Friendly

CommPeak’s outsourced call center solutions are deployable within minutes. With our intuitive interface and automatic CRM integration, call center outsourcing employees will master products like the Cloud PBX Stats system quickly, leaving them free to focus on essential tasks.


Best Quality With Competitive Pricing

CommPeak supplies superior direct connections with an unparalleled number of Tier-1 providers. Working openly and creatively, CommPeak can consistently offer lower rates. Your BPO contact center has access to the most cost-effective communication solutions.

“Since adopting CommPeak’s system, our company has increased sales by 20-25%.”

Nick, IT Manager, CommPeak Customer

Discover the Superiority of CommPeak

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Superior Quality Commitment

Benefit from direct connections with Tier 1 providers and highly customizable smart tools.

  • Proprietary products
  • Shorter routing
  • Live support 24/7/365


Expand your international reach with premium A-Z SIP termination services.

  • 12 PoPs
  • Global DID numbers
  • Worldwide capacities

Deep Communications Expertise

CommPeak's extensive experience drives our communication solution, tailorable to any business need.

  • Hundreds of customers
  • Broad insights & expertise
  • Numerous CRM integrations

and Reliable

Operate with dependable, enterprise-ready services that safeguard company data.

  • Transparent solutions
  • Scalable & elastic tools
  • Robust security protocols

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