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Financial services companies continuously need to adopt innovative solutions that account for customers’ evolving demands. Customers expect fast, secure, and positive transactions. Unfortunately, most financial sector employees are bogged down with monotonous tasks, struggling to reduce idle time and human error and maximize opportunities.

What Financial Services Companies Gain With CommPeak

CommPeak developed our full-suite solution to enhance your fintech business communications. Our smart tools give agents back valuable time. Moreover, CommPeak's highly customizable services automatically distribute tasks and better match leads with agents. CommPeak's call center software for banks and forex companies is flexible, so your business can continue to profit and evolve with the customers.

What Outsourcing Companies Gain With CommPeak


More Calls in a Fraction of the Time

Communicating effectively with the growing number of customers in the fintech sector depends on operational efficiency. With the CommPeak prognostic Dialer, the inbound and outbound calling process is entirely automated. When agents hang up the phone, they are already connecting to the next customer, saving your call center an enormous amount of time.


Leverage Opportunities

To offer the ideal financial services, agents must first establish understanding and compatibility. Besides minimizing human error and idle time, the prognostic Dialer also perfectly matches financial agents with customers based on experience and other skill sets. The CommPeak Dialer maximizes the chances of mutual connectivity, ultimately increasing sales opportunities.


Operational Improvements

CommPeak’s highly intelligent Cloud PBX Stats tool monitors KPIs and provides real-time analytics. The system reveals which campaigns are practical and which ones could be more optimally tailored. With CommPeak, your outbound forex call center can implement time-saving measures, allowing everyone to devote more resources to customers and closing sales.


Adaptability to the Evolving Environment

All of CommPeak’s communication products are highly customizable and can integrate seamlessly with your CRM. Fintech businesses can reconfigure business rules within a matter of seconds with CommPeak’s cloud finance solution. Our adjustable services help companies provide the best outsourced financial solutions for customers, even as needs evolve.

“Thanks to CommPeak’s sophisticated yet user-friendly solutions, our call center agents have been 37% more productive.”

Dave, Chief Technology Officer, CommPeak Customer

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Superior Quality Commitment

Benefit from direct connections with Tier 1 providers and highly customizable smart tools.

  • Proprietary products
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  • Live support 24/7/365


Expand your international reach with premium A-Z SIP termination services.

  • 12 PoPs
  • Global DID numbers
  • Worldwide capacities

Deep Communications Expertise

CommPeak's extensive experience drives our communication solution, tailorable to any business need.

  • Hundreds of customers
  • Broad insights & expertise
  • Numerous CRM integrations

and Reliable

Operate with dependable, enterprise-ready services that safeguard company data.

  • Transparent solutions
  • Scalable & elastic tools
  • Robust security protocols

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