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Australian Virtual Numbers for Business

  • Get local area codes across the country
  • Choose from landline, toll-free, and non-geo numbers
  • Use DID numbers for inbound & outbound calls
  • Enjoy prime voice quality with our PoP in Australia

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    Grow Globally

    Make your business one continent bigger with DID numbers in Australia

    • Activation of numbers within 24 hours
    • Custom solutions for local presence in Australia
    • Easy managements and setup of your Caller ID
    • Call forwarding to any location worldwide

    Scale on the Best Conditions

    With virtual phone numbers in Australia by CommPeak


    Expandable Channels

    Use as many Australian phone numbers as you need with unlimited call capacity. Get convenient management features, along with top-notch voice quality.


      Outbound &
      Inbound Calls

      Enjoy prime connection from local providers on incoming and outgoing calls. Create a strong local presence and keep in touch with your clients.


        Transparent Conditions

        Purchase only the numbers you need and test the voice quality for free. Pay fairly per second. No hidden fees or long-term contacts.

          Reach local audience in a glimpse

          VoIP to Australia

          Get excellent connection along with DID numbers in Australia

          • Quality connection with a local PoP in Australia
          • 24/7 technical support and assistance
          • Easy access and management of your VoIP account
          • Free trial deposit to test the voice quality

          Why Choose CommPeak DID Numbers?



          Easy registration and activation of your VoIP numbers in Australia



          Set up your caller ID, make, and receive calls wherever you are



          Our DID numbers are compatible with Cloud PBX or any other phone system

          Let’s Become Partners!

          Don’t you want to start your business in the Telecom industry with minimum investment? Then it’s time to become a CommPeak VoIP Reseller in Australia. Expand your customer base and earn money on VoIP traffic.

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          2-channel Bulk SMS service with various message traffic supported, sender ID registration, and high deliverability rates.

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          About CommPeak virtual numbers in Australia

          You need to sign up at commpeak.com to create your account or fill in the form above first. Then, our manager will contact you to confirm all the details. After that, you can use your DID numbers as soon as they are activated.
          Usually, the activation of numbers takes no longer than 24 hours.
          To make calls, you need a softphone or an IP-phone of your choice. For your convenience, use a headset on calls.
          You can choose from national landline numbers, non-geographic, and toll-free ones.
          Yes. Just set up your Australian virtual number as the Caller ID, and it will be displayed to the people you call.

          Your data is protected

          Stay safe & secure using trusted Telecom infrastructure you can always rely on!

          • End-to-end encryption and military-grade data security
          • Cloud-based storage for audio transcript using Google or AWS S3
          • Single sign-in using industry standard authentication protocols

          Here to Assist You

          Contact the CommPeak support team at any time via the platform most convenient for you. Use live chat, WhatsApp, emergency phone, or support tickets. Get the right assistance you need whenever you need it.

          your virtual call center today.