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Italian Virtual

  • Get excellent call quality from local Italian providers
  • Forward calls to any of your existing phone lines
  • Use Italian area codes for outbound & inbound calls
  • No hardware or software needed, ultra-fast activation

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    Operate Worldwide

    Enhance your selling power, increase engagement & pickup rate

    • Set Italian DID number as your local Caller ID
    • Build a strong business reputation in Italy and beyond
    • Bridge the communication gap by operating locally
    • Make it easy for customers to reach you anywhere

    Stay Closer to Your Clients

    Boost your professional business image with CommPeak


    Effective Local Presence

    Staying close to your clients is halfway to success — especially if your business is located far away from your customers. Italy DID numbers can help you establish an effective local presence without having a physical office in the country.


      Outbound & Inbound Calls

      Set up your local Caller ID and you are ready to go. Use Italian telephone numbers for inbound & outbound calls. Enjoy the prime voice quality from local providers. Low chances of delays, loop, or broken calls.


        Cut Spendings

        With a local Italian number, you can bypass any fees charged for making international calls. Besides, we have flexible prices and hot offers for high call volume. Enjoy per-second billing, and forget about rounding up!

          Attract more local customers

          Business SIP Trunking

          Find out more about Italian SIP Trunking by CommPeak

          • 1/1 billing and special offers for high call volume
          • Excellent voice quality across the whole Italy
          • Complete toolkit of cloud telecom solutions
          • Professional support team available 24/7

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          Super fast activation. No extra equipment needed. Start calling in minutes.



          Set up call forwarding in just several clicks. Now your clients can reach you anytime.



          Italian DID numbers are compatible with any phone system you have.

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          Want to join the Telecom industry but don’t have relevant experience? CommPeak, a leading Italy DID numbers provider, welcomes you to join our Reseller Program. Earn revenue-sharing on all voice and SMS traffic your customers bring in.

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          Get Even More Solutions by CommPeak

          Upgrade your Telecom infrastructure


          Cloud-based Predictive Dialing Solution supporting seamless CRM integration & automated call routing.

          Bulk SMS Service

          2-Way Bulk SMS service with high deliverability rate & sender ID registration.

          Speech to Text Service

          Powerful Call Transcription Service with high recognition accuracy, noise robustness, and multi language speech recognition.

          CRM Lead Routing

          Automated CRM Lead Distribution system with tailored rule system, vast distribution options, and simple activity tracking

          Frequently Asked Questions

          About Italian DID numbers by CommPeak

          We provide you with domestic outbound dialing across the whole state, with inbound calls available free of charge.
          To get any virtual phone numbers in Italy and beyond — just contact our sales. We will do everything right today.
          +39 is an international dialing code in Italy. Geo numbers are coming with a three-digit local area code followed by seven digits.
          CommPeak has flexible options, along with unique volume pricing for business. For details, please contact us.
          Yes, you can buy as many virtual phone numbers in Italy and beyond with unlimited capacity as you need.
          CommPeak has a vast range of Telecom services, including the auto-dialer, Cloud PBX, Business VPN Gateway, performing Speech-to-Text, smart Lead Routing solution, and even more. To learn more, please contact sales.
          CommPeak has a vast range of custom DID numbers in Italy. Popular options include (city/code): Florence +6. Genoa +10, La Spezia +187, Milan +2, Naples +81, Rome +6, Turin +11, Venice +41. Still can’t find the exact match for business? We can still provide you with different alternatives.
          In most cases, you don’t need documentation for getting geographical DID numbers in Italy. In some instances, however, you may be asked to provide an ID copy.

          Your data is protected

          Stay safe & secure using trusted Telecom infrastructure you can always rely on!

          • End-to-end encryption and military-grade data security
          • Cloud-based storage for audio transcript using Google or AWS S3
          • Single sign-in using industry standard authentication protocols

          Here to Assist You

          Contact the CommPeak support team at any time via the platform most convenient for you. Use live chat, WhatsApp, emergency phone, or support tickets. Get the right assistance you need whenever you need it.

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