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Virtual Numbers in
the UK for Business

  • Local area codes across the entire United Kingdom
  • Call clients with local landline & mobile numbers
  • Use UK DID numbers for inbound & outbound calls
  • Enjoy prime voice quality on international calls

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    Grow Your Audience

    Expand your business to a new region with the UK virtual phone numbers

    • Activation of numbers within 24 hours
    • Local presence solutions in the United Kingdom
    • Toll-free numbers for calls within the UK
    • Call forwarding to any location in the world

    Relocation on the Best Terms

    With CommPeak UK phone numbers


    Call Like a Local Business

    It is easy to gain the trust of a new audeince, increase the pickup rate, and establish local presence even if you are abroad. All it takes is setting your virtual number in the UK as a caller ID, and you will appear as a local business.


      Make and Receive Calls

      Stay connected with your new customers, wherever your call center actually is. Use your VoIP numbers in the UK to make and receive international calls. Forward calls to any location worldwide.


        Reach Every Corner

        With our direct interconnections with local providers we ensure excellent voice quality, so you will sound like you are in the UK on every international call. Forget about echo, delays, and other issues with connectivity.

          Attract more local customers

          VoIP in the UK

          Take your communications to the next level with CommPeak VoIP

          • Flexible bandwidth for any call volume
          • Per-second billing with no hidden fees
          • Prime voice quality across the entire UK
          • Complete telecom toolkit in your browser

          Any Numbers for Your Business Needs



          Virtual telephone numbers with local area codes across the country



          SMS-supported virtual UK mobile numbers from local providers



          Virtual VoIP numbers with a prefix 800 your customers can call for free

          Let’s Become Partners!

          Don’t you want to start your business in the Telecom industry with minimum investment? Then it’s time to become a CommPeak VoIP Reseller in the UK. Expand your customer base and earn money on VoIP traffic.

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          Improve Your Call Center’s Productivity

          With smart telephony solutions by CommPeak


          Cloud-based Predictive Dialing Solution supporting seamless CRM integration & automated call routing.

          Bulk SMS Service

          2-Way Bulk SMS service with high deliverability rate & sender ID registration.

          Speech to Text Service

          Powerful Call Transcription Service with high recognition accuracy, noise robustness, and multi language speech recognition.

          CRM Lead Routing

          Automated CRM Lead Distribution system with tailored rule system, vast distribution options, and simple activity tracking

          Frequently Asked Questions

          About United Kingdom telephone numbers

          You need to fill in the form above. Or sign up at commpeak.com to create your account. Then, follow the instructions on the website to activate and set up your profile.
          You can get mobile, landline, and toll-free numbers with typical area or provider codes in the UK.
          You only need a browser to access your VoIP account and a headset of your choice to make calls to the UK.
          Yes, our virtual mobile numbers in the UK are SMS-supported.
          You can receive inbound calls on all our virtual numbers in the UK. If you want to make calls free for your customers, use toll-free numbers.
          Yes. When you complete your CommPeak account activation, you will get a trial credit to make a test call and check the connection quality.

          Your data is protected

          Stay safe & secure using trusted Telecom infrastructure you can always rely on!

          • End-to-end encryption and military-grade data security
          • Cloud-based storage for audio transcript using Google or AWS S3
          • Single sign-in using industry standard authentication protocols

          Here to Assist You

          Contact the CommPeak support team at any time via the platform most convenient for you. Use live chat, WhatsApp, emergency phone, or support tickets. Get the right assistance you need whenever you need it.

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