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Philippine SIP Trunk & Local Presence

  • Stable and clear SIP termination from any location
  • Direct interconnections with local Tier-1 providers
  • Full-stack solutions for local presence in the Philippines
  • Easy managemant of your VoIP account

Philippine Local Presence Essentials
by CommPeak

VoIP to the Philippines

Get a flexible and easy-to-manage telecom solution for a local presence in the Philippines. Create and set up your VoIP account and start calling in no time. Test the connection quality with a trial deposit and start expanding the reach of your business right away.

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Free trial

Setup with no extra charge

24/7 customer support

Call analytics & reporting

Philippine DID Numbers

Winning the trust of your new clients abroad is easier than ever. All it takes to increase your pickup rate is setting your Philippine VoIP number as your caller ID. Call your customers like a local business from any location globally with DID numbers by CommPeak.

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Domestic calling across the country

Outbound & inbound calls supported

Zero charge for inbound dialing

Landline and toll-free numbers

Philippine SMS Service

Use CommPeak SMS Gateway in the Philippines to send and receive messages across the country. Improve your communication campaigns and keep your customers posted with the Bulk SMS to the Philippines with SMPP(S)/HTTP(S) API integration supported.

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Local number ID & short codes



Philippine VPN Gateway

Go fully anonymous online and enhance the security of your virtual office. Use Philippine VPN Gateway by CommPeak to change your business location to an IP address of your choice. Lift boundaries and enjoy online anonymity while your data is protected.

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Secure IPsec protocol


Full anonymity for the whole office

No geographical restrictions

Scale Your Business with CommPeak

CommPeak is a leading VoIP service provider in the Philippines. We help international businesses to become local anywhere with our custom telecom solutions. Our PoPs across the globe and direct interconnections with local providers ensure excellent voice termination on your every call.

Comfy Rates for VoIP in the Philippines

Transparent pricing with no rounds-up

Destination Prefix Rate
  • Philippines - Fixed
  • Philippines - Fixed - Bayantel On Net
  • Philippines - Fixed - Bayantel On Net
  • Philippines - Fixed - Bayantel On Net

Reliable VoIP Provider in the Philippines


Wide Experience

We provide custom telecom solutions that meet your specific business needs


Fast Setup

Create and activate your account to start calling in no time


24/7 Support

Should you have any issues, our support team is there to help you 24/7

Get more clients worldwide!

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Don’t you want to start your business in the Telecom industry with minimum investment? Then it’s time to become a CommPeak VoIP Reseller in the Philippines. Expand your customer base and earn money on VoIP traffic.

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Gear up with smart call center solutions by CommPeak


Powerful call center management platform complemented with unique PBX Stats for more insightful analytics and greater efficiency.


Predictive solution for automated dialing with a custom rule system, seamless CRM integration, and easy management.

Speech to Text Service

Multi-lingual call transcription service with accurate speech recognition, noise resistance, and over 120 languages supported.

Lead Routing

Smart platform for automated distribution of all kinds of incoming traffic with simple activity tracking and multiple routing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Philippine SIP trunk by CommPeak

Sign up at to create your account. You can start making calls right after verifying your phone number and email address.
Quality SIP termination is a go-to solution for a local presence out there. If you want to manage it more efficiently, go for our Lead Routing, Dialer, or Cloud IP PBX. Philippine clients will have more trust for you if you call them from virtual local phone numbers.
You need an IP-phone of your choice to make calls and a headset or a microphone for your convenience.
You can get landline and toll-free virtual numbers for voice termination and mobile ones for sending SMS.
Yes. Set your Philippine virtual number as your caller ID, and it will be displayed to your customers when you call them.
If you want to get a VPN gateway, you need to contact our manager or send a request ticket. After you confirm all the details, you will get a VPN solution offer.

Your data is protected

Stay safe & secure using trusted Telecom infrastructure you can always rely on!

  • End-to-end encryption and military-grade data security
  • Cloud-based storage for audio transcript using Google or AWS S3
  • Single sign-in using industry standard authentication protocols

Here to Assist You

Contact the CommPeak support team at any time via the platform most convenient for you. Use live chat, WhatsApp, emergency phone, or support tickets. Get the right assistance you need whenever you need it.

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