Top-Grade Call Center VoIP Termination

When it comes to making your call center the best and most effective it can be, CommPeak has got you covered. We provide superior wholesale short duration and dialer termination solutions to a wide range of call and contact centers of all sizes. We fully understand the unique communication requirements and various intricacies that involve this demanding segment.

As one of our ways of offering a seamless solution to the ever-growing demand in dialer termination services, CommPeak has developed a sophisticated in-house dialer termination platform to accommodate large-scale contact and call centers worldwide that need to handle numerous concurrent calls on a daily basis. If your business operates in a high-volume, multi-destination environment, CommPeak is your short duration termination service provider of choice.

Utilize the true power of CommPeak’s telecom services and experience a range of benefits including:

  • Automated Dialer compatibility

  • Short Duration routes available

  • 6 Geographically distributed,
    highly-redundant POPs

  • High CPS (Calls Per Second), Low PDD
    (Post Dial Delay)

  • Seconds-based call billing increments, not minutes!

  • 24/7 call oversight & full support
    whenever you need it

CommPeak easily tackles the concurrent call capacity, call centers need thanks to our platform’s high-performing switch and redundancy capabilities – handling blasts of spontaneous calls per minute is our bread and butter. Plus, we deliver the highest call quality level, real-time monitoring, web-based CDRs and comprehensive managing tools, superior service, reliability and uptime – all wrapped in an amazingly low cost VoIP termination package.

Our solution for call centers short duration & dialer termination supports numerous high-volume call and customer service centers worldwide, and proudly delivers premium voice quality.

Discover the magic of increased voice communication efficiency at greatly reduced costs, and see your call center business transformed thanks to CommPeak’s attractive SIP trunking account of automated dialer termination and short duration VoIP! And in the event that you will require toll-free numbers for more effective communication with customers, we have a killer toll-free DIDs service as well.

Do you see yourself more as a VoIP provider and looking for a solid service with global coverage and premium call quality every time? Be sure to explore CommPeak’s VoIP termination for VoIP providers for more information and features.