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Simple Lead Distribution in Real-Time

Still fighting your way out to distribute loads of incoming online leads? Now Lead Routing can be fully automated. Optimal lead distribution for agents & sales teams based on your own business logic. Real-time information, seamless CRM data sync, fully automated performance.

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Lead Distribution
Routine Can Be
Fully Automated

Lead Distribution
Routine Can Be
Fully Automated

Get the Lead Routing flow of all your call centers configured just in several clicks. Once the distribution rules are set - the process can finally go on autopilot. Dashboard check is the ONLY thing left for you.

Right from your CRM,
to the Right agent

Have all your CRM Lead Base automatically distributed to match the most effective counterparts by language, agent skill, location, interest, etc. Unique set of rules. Your own business logic.


No more manual Lead Distribution. Go Auto.


Your Lead Routing Flow Streamlined

Learn how Lead Distribution can help your business grow

Saving Your Precious Time and Resources

Now the process of assignment and Lead Routing can be fully automated. No more manual lead distribution. Time to focus on more value-adding tasks and long-term development targets.


Routing Leads to the Right Agents

Now the overall amount of leads and their assignment ratio can be simply verified and split by agent skill, preferred language, dedicated team, industry, and so on.


Putting Your Call Center under Control

Each and every incoming lead, the mode of distribution between your desks, agents & their groups become fully transparent, always manageable and 100% traceable.


Try automated Lead Routing now!

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Works with any job assignment

Power up your sales, support & customer success teams with any traffic distribution

One-Fits-All Solution

Keeping a smooth run for your Lead Assignment



Fully automated Lead Routing. Transparent. Error-free. Based on your own business logic.

  • Different CRMs Integrations
  • Global automation
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Detailed Logs


Lead assignment on autopilot. Get a 360-degree dashboard view to stay always on top.

  • Activity Tracking
  • Realtime Dashboard
  • Distribution by agents
  • Insightful Dashboard


Real-time lead verification & assignment. Now your sales reps can grab hottest leads in no time.

  • Real-Time Lead Assignment
  • Leads Tracking
  • Assignment by leads scoring
  • Prioritization by agents

Manage Your Team On Autopilot.

Smart Software for Smart Distribution

Lead Routing Key Features


Tailored Rule System

Vast lead filtering options. Your own business logic. Now leads can be split by affiliates, region or any other custom tags.


Vast Distribution Options

Now all your leads can be distributed by ratio or count. Set Lead Routing in a fully customizable way, based on your own business logic.


Seamless CRM integration

Every minute Lead Routing checks if there are any leads suitable for distribution and instantly assigns them according to your CRM rules.


Duplicate Management

Automatic detection system for every lead which has already been handled. It’s only up to you to set the right rule for them.


Simple Activity Tracking

Check your activity logs to see each and every incoming lead, their sources and actual ways of distribution — anytime you need.


Insightful Dashboard

All essential dashboard data is always on track (leads handled, way of their group assignment, pending requests, and even more).

Full Service Package by CommPeak

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Seamless Integration with any CRM of Your Choice

Automatic data sync with your CRM in real time. Now, there's no need to make a switch, even during an active session. As all your information will always be at hand.


Your data is protected

Stay safe & secure using trusted Telecom infrastructure you can always rely on!

  • End-to-end encryption and military-grade data security
  • Cloud-based storage for audio transcript using Google or AWS S3
  • Single sign-in using industry standard authentication protocols

Here to Assist You

Contact CommPeak support team at any time & in any way you find it convenient. Use live chat, WhatsApp, emergency phone, or support ticket. Get the right assistance you need at once.

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