Maximize Your Agents’ Potential and Boost Your Profits!

Run an outbound contact center, outsourcer or sales department? It’s time to maximize your call center’s productivity by increasing the number of times your agents connect with quality leads. TeleDialer is an automated Predictive Dialing service serving various call-centers worldwide. This technology helps agents avoid busy signals, voicemails, disconnected lines, invalid numbers and no-answers.

Boost Efficiency and Agent Talk Time

TeleDialer dynamically adjusts to maximize your operation’s volume of outbound calls and to seamlessly distribute the queued leads to available agents at an instantaneous rate.

Prior to their TeleDialer integration, our customer’s agents spent over 80% of their time weeding out ‘no answers’ and invalid numbers, while only 20% of the calls were actual live customers ready to be engaged.

With the TeleDialer, you are doubling the amount of times agents are connecting with live customers. Imagine what that does to your bottom line!

Increase your ROI

By optimizing your center’s dialing abilities, agents will have less idle time and will spend more time conversing with sales prospects. Reaching more live leads = Increased conversion and sales!

TeleDialer will optimize your current call center workforce, allowing you to double your sales without any extra expense.

Experience a MASSIVE increase in productivity!

Manage Your Entire Sales Operation in a User Friendly, Feature-Rich Admin Portal

CommPeak’s TeleDialer does not require IT or hired personnel to maintain or operate it. Every component and feature can be easily managed through your intuitive Manager Account Portal. Each component is highly customizable to fit your business’s unique calling needs.

TeleDialer’s built-in, user-friendly interface offers you access to real time campaign statistics, and you can even generate custom reports and unique statistical data points with ease.

Clean Up Your Lists!

When importing new leads or contacts into the system, TeleDialer makes sure to keep only valid phone numbers. It even fixes them automatically! Have additional contact information along with the phone number? TeleDialer will use the additional info such as addresses to determine the exact time-zone of each lead.

The system’s robust rules engine allows you complete control over each lead’s lifecycle – ‘Assign lead to agent’, ‘Move to a different campaign’, ‘Send SMS’, generate an API call when status is ‘Sale/Deposit’, and much more!

The portal’s modular architecture enables the creation of multiple plugins for the rules engine. This allows data to be sent back to the CRM, based on the administrator’s choice of respective agent actions.

We Offer Some of The Most Competitive and Comprehensive Feature Sets Available

Our automated dialer technology can either be SaaS based or on premise deployed and offers the three most widely used dialing modes: Manual, Progressive and Predictive.

Key features:

Easy to use
Setup the predictive dialer within minutes

Compatible with SIP industry compliant equipment
such as Cisco, Asterisk, FreePBX, X-Lite, among others

Highly scalable
supports a high number of concurrent calls (Concurrent Channels and CPS) at premium quality

Built from the ground up
utilizing FreeSWITCH, Node.js, MySQL, Redis and more!

Dynamic assignment of leads to agents
based on customer’s own business logic

easily enables feeding the dialer with data in real-time

 Once you start working with the TeleDialer you will see a large increase in your contact rate and all around improved sales & conversion productivity.

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