Efficiently send, control, and analyze your SMS communications.

Control and manage your SMS communications with superior SMS routes, intelligent analytics, and insights with competitive pricing. The fully visible dashboard allows you to discover the most effective SMS campaign techniques that increase your sales and maximize engagement rates.

Explore SMS Messages More Intelligently

Comprehensive Analytics

Access SMS campaign results and explore multiple distribution options. The TextPeak Dashboard offers full visibility of insights such as the number of successfully sent messages, how many people opted out, or who clicked on the included link. TextPeak also reveals how many messages reached your leads and how many were undeliverable.


Superior Quality for Less

Enjoy the best SMS routes with lightning-fast deliverability rates at highly competitive prices. With our extensive international network of telecom partners, CommPeak consistently offers special promotional prices for global SMS routes. With TextPeak, you’ll optimize your SMS campaign strategies, increasing sales without paying excessive fees.


User-Friendly Platform

The TextPeak Dashboard is easy to take advantage of, thanks to an intuitive user-centric interface. You can create, manage, and deploy SMS campaigns in less than five minutes, reaching your customers and leads whenever you need. Quickly analyze campaign performance statistics and effortlessly alter delivery settings.


Manage and deliver your SMS campaigns more effectively!

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Examine Fully-Visible Campaign Results

With TextPeak


Management-View Dashboard

The TextPeak Dashboard is user-friendly and conveniently illuminates your SMS campaign results, successes, and improvement areas.


Tracking and Analytics

Keep track of successfully sent messages, how many people opted out or clicked on the included link. Discover how many messages were delivered.


Two-Way SMS

Communicate with incoming and outgoing SMS messages, carrying out entire conversations with customers and leads.


Unique Personalizations

Send text messages that include the recipient's name, subscription number, and any other relevant information.


A/B Testing for Optimization

Send alternative phrasings to a portion of the recipients to test engagement rates. Examine which phrases elicit the best responses.


Quick Campaign Setup

After providing details and verifying your phone number, SMS campaigns can be set up in less than 5 minutes with a user-friendly business interface.

Learn More About TextPeak’s Unique Features

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