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6 Must-Have Dialer Features to Boost Operational Efficiency

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April 28, 2021
Predictive Dialer Features

Human connectivity has become increasingly elusive in today’s fast-paced world. Opportunities for genuine, fruitful communication disappear as fast as they arise. For contact centers, the ability to capitalize on this small window of time can make the difference between profitability and failure. 

To ensure success, many call centers have adopted intelligent products that streamline operations. One of the most valuable tools in the industry is the dialer, an innovative accessory that automates the outbound dialing process. Automatically connecting agents with customers, the dialer increases calling capacity by up to 70%. 

The majority of cloud-based contact centers have already incorporated this predictive tool in some form or another. However, not all dialers are designed with the same valuable capabilities, some more advanced than others. To find the ideal dialer for your call center, you must first examine these six integral features: 

1. Full Dialing Automation 

The optimal dialer automatically dials numbers and connects agents to live calls only. By eliminating the need to perform this function manually, agents can place and receive more calls within the same amount of time. The intelligent tool begins dialing the next customer as soon as the agent finishes a conversation and hangs up the phone. 

The streamlined process drastically reduces idle time, granting agents more chances of connection and, ultimately, conversion. Similarly, the automated dialing software also minimizes the probability of human error. Full dialing automation capabilities are essential for your contact center’s dialer, eliminating monotonous tasks and boosting agent productivity. 

2. Smart and Customizable Lead-Agent Matching

The best dialer can match agents and leads ideally, according to business needs. The automatic pairing should be programmable based on detailed factors, such as spoken language, experience, and expertise. Because agents and prospects are more compatible, communication becomes more effective, increasing the chances of success. 

In addition to capitalizing on opportunities, the intelligent matching tool also should optimize contact centers’ time. Managers no longer need to distribute leads manually, and agents don’t waste time choosing which ones to follow first. The prioritization and delegation processes are preconfigured, leaving employees free to focus on customers. 

3. Real-Time Analytics and In-Depth Insights

Contact center dialers should evaluate real-time operational performance and present the information intuitively. Metrics such as the total number of calls, their average duration, and agent idle time will pinpoint the business’s specific strengths and weaknesses. Users should also be able to filter and search particular aspects of the data effortlessly. 

Call centers should also have the capability to configure their dialer to send out regular detailed reports. These insightful records reveal which campaign practices are practical and which should be improved. Dialer reports should be customizable to illuminate only the most pertinent information for your contact center. 

4. Supervision and Controlled Access

While some users will have full access to the dialer’s functions and analytics, others should have a limited scope. The best dialers can provide role-based authorization. Managers should demarcate specific actions and resources to the proper employees for privacy and security purposes. 

Similarly, superior dialers give managers the ability to listen in on conversations. Essential capabilities include whispering to the agent without the customers’ knowledge and taking over the call altogether. When the agent needs assistance, your contact center’s dialer should be prepared to help you provide it. 

5. Easy CRM Integration

The most profitable dialers should integrate with a wide range of CRMs. The seamless integration process alleviates the hassle of constantly switching between platforms, reducing idle time and human error. 

Whether accessing data from the dialer or the CRM directly, the proper software will automatically sync all information, allowing contact centers to prioritize and reprioritize leads in real-time. 

6. Streamlined Routing

Streamlined routing is the process of guiding incoming callers towards the most appropriate agents. Nowadays, customers expect to receive quick, informed responses. Customers tend to spend their money elsewhere after waiting in the queue for too long or being constantly rerouted. 

To avoid this irreparable damage, contact centers must select a vendor that offers a dialer capable of configuring an Interactive Voice Response (IVR). As the customer’s first point of contact, the IVR sets the overall experience tone. To read more about minimizing your contact center’s average wait time and why a dialer with an intuitive IVR is critical, read our article

Boost Agent Productivity and Maximize Sales Opportunities

With the CommPeak Predictive Dialer 

The CommPeak Dialer radically optimizes your contact center’s performance. By fully automating the dialing process and integrating with a wide range of CRMs, our Dialer streamlines operational processes, allowing agents to accomplish more throughout the day. 

CommPeak provides the most customizable Dialer on the market, configurable to distribute leads and route calls based on thousands of potential business rules. Because our predictive Dialer is so sharply definable, agents will be ideally matched with potential customers, maximizing sales potential and customer satisfaction. 

Our unmatched Dialer also illuminates key contact center KPIs, such as the entire history of a particular lead, overall agent performance, and campaign effectiveness. Managers can also receive in-depth reports, allowing them to analyze processes and implement lucrative changes. 

Contact centers can also apply data access rules to their CommPeak Dialer and monitor agent compliance with the Whisper and Barge features. The Dialer also comes with a customizable IVR, ensuring callers reach the appropriate agents within a reasonable amount of time. 
To start boosting your contact center’s productivity with CommPeak’s superior predictive Dialer, contact us today.

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