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Accurate Phone Number Validation

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Our HLR LookUp Service Validates Your Leads

Validate your mobile phone numbers before you call.

Access Highly Accurate Data

We’re constantly optimizing our data analyzing methods. We cross reference phone number information databases, guaranteeing you receive the most accurate data.

  • Instantly discover up to date, in-depth number details
  • Organize, clean up, and update information
  • Review number location, network, and availability status
CommPeak HLR Lookup

No More Dead-End Calls! Keep Your Database Clean.

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Take Advantage of Competitive Rates

CommPeak’s HLR LookUp prices are the lowest on the market. Leverate our extremely cost-effective mobile phone validation rates and access all the essential information.

  • Validate numbers at the lowest market prices
  • Leverage your valuable resources more effectively
  • Reduce your overall operational expenses

Reach More Live Customers

By revealing which phone numbers are valid and active, LookUp maximizes your chances of connecting with real customers, boosting your sales potential.

  • Eliminate inactive phone numbers altogether
  • Invest time and resources into real clients only
  • Meet your targets and increase conversion rates

LookUp Reduces SMS Costs

Our LookUp mobile number validation ensures you don't waste your time or resources on dead-end leads.

Lowest market prices
In-depth number data
User-friendly dashboard
API gateway integration
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LookUp mobile number validation

LookUp Features

Lead Quality Control

Assess whether the number is invalid, temporarily unavailable, or switched off.

Enhanced Productivity

Agents only spend their time calling and messaging numbers of real customers.

Customer Data Analysis

LookUp discloses the number’s type, network operator, and country location.

Routing Efficiency

Discover your clients’ home networks, current locations, and roaming statuses.

Safeguarded Accuracy

Your telephone numbers are examined with the most innovative methods.

User-Friendly Platform

Use mobile phone validation to instantly receive detailed information.

Full Visibility and Coverage

Validate any number worldwide in any format, even landline numbers.

API for System Management

Initiate token information, single number lookup, and more directly in your system.

Highly Competitive Prices

Check hundreds of numbers at cost-effective prices that minimize costs.

What Customers Say About CommPeak

What Customers Say About CommPeak

The CommPeak Dialer is probably the best dialer I’ve used. No other dialer on the market can match its automation power.

Barak, Operations Manager


CommPeak’s VoIP quality exceeds our other vendors by 80%. The call quality is consistently superior.

Nick, IT Manager


Even as Optimus continues to expand, the prices CommPeak offers are lower than the other providers we are using.

Maja, Financial Director

Optimus Marketing

This is the easiest PBX system I’ve ever used for my business and it makes operations run really well.

Lasha, Manager

Mid-Market Call Center

Pricing That Fits Your Business Needs


/ per query

Included at no additional cost:

Home network name

CommPeak Dialer integration

Issuing country

In-depth record of all queries

Current availability status

Number type (i.e. mobile, landline)

Porting information*

Roaming status*

*Roaming status and porting information may not be available for specific queries due to local regulations and restrictions.

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“It validates all my phone numbers so I don’t get dead-end leads.”

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“I get a lot of information, which I really appreciate.”

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"CommPeak helps us to keep the call operations running smoothly.”

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