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CommPeak strives to make cloud-based business communication easier and more affordable, empowering people with superior quality products.

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CommPeak partners
CommPeak in Numbers

CommPeak in Numbers

With over a decade of experience, we've developed superior quality communication services and tools that keep our customers connected worldwide.


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We have teams located worldwide making an impact on the industry.

Manila, Philippines

Manila, Philippines

Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine

Ramat Gan, Israel

Ramat Gan, Israel

Our Culture

Take Ownership

Each of us commits to executing tasks to the best of our abilities. From brainstorming to production, we remain accountable for our work. If roadblocks arise, we face them head-on, ready to accept the challenge.

Keep Evolving

We continually upgrade our solutions, equipping customers with the most innovative tools. Likewise, the team constantly evolves, taking advantage of opportunities to learn new skills and excel in our roles.

Pursue Optimal Results

We believe there’s a creative solution to every challenge and are committed to finding it. Our team embraces out-of-the-box thinking and remains accountable for our actions every step of the way.

Gain Trust

We communicate clearly and straightforwardly. If we make commitments, we stick to our word. Customers can count on us to protect their interests, and coworkers know we have one another's back.

Be a Listener

Nobody’s perfect, so we continuously welcome feedback from teammates and customers, seeking new perspectives and ways to improve. We keep our eyes and ears open to the latest market trends.

We Care

Our customers should have efficient, personalized experiences. For the team, we organize activities and encourage work-life harmony. We invest in our local communities, embracing our corporate responsibility.

CommPeak International Team
CommPeak International Team

Our Milestones


CommPeak Dialer release


CommPeak officially founded


Philippine office opens


Ukraine office opens


CommPeak celebrates 10 years


CommPeak expands to South America


2 ISO certification gained

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Our Mission

Make Global Communication Easier and More Affordable

Making a Global Impact

The CommPeak global team celebrates achievements and learns from mistakes together. We focus on maintaining an open work environment where employees can freely share their knowledge and expertise, directly shaping our company and the industry's future.

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