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Significantly Reduce Your Downtime

Accomplish more throughout the day by eliminating time-wasting, and manual processes. Automatically dial and connect with live customers only, leveraging your resources to their full potential.

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    What Is an Auto Dialer for Business?

    As its name suggests, an auto dialer system will automatically dial outbound phone numbers, saving contact centers the hassle of dialing manually. Moreover, this system connects a call to an agent only after an actual person has answered it.

    • Minimize downtime with no more manual, tedious tasks
    • Employ auto dialing for quicker, more profitable connections
    • Reach more opportunities meet your targets and close sales

    70+ Global Companies Trust Our Auto Dialer


    Communicate With More Clients Using Our Auto Dialer Software

    Start talking only once an actual human answers the phone.

    Save More Time and Resources

    With our automatic dialing software, you'll never have to waste time manually dialing phone numbers. Skip directly over ring tones and voicemails, eliminating downtime and inefficient processes.

    • Enjoy a faster dialing process
    • Easily integrate and sync your CRM
    • Select intelligent routing rules

    Advertise to a Larger Audience

    CommPeak’s automated dialer empowers your contact center to meet its goals more efficiently. By dialing faster than typing the number, you'll reach more customers, expanding your base clientele.

    • Get in touch with clients quicker
    • Harness your time to make more calls
    • Broadcast messages on a wide scale

    Optimize Your Sales Potential

    Our automatic phone dialer ensures that your agents are only connected after a customer answers the phone. Their demonstrated interest dramatically increases the likelihood of your overall sales.

    • Talk with interested customers only
    • Eliminate dead-end calls
    • Invest more in viable leads

    Advantages of Auto Dialer Software

    Our call center auto dialer makes the outbound calling process easy for your sales team, empowering them to maximize productivity.

    Quick Connections

    Instantly connect with your valued leads and customers.

    No Manual Tasks

    No more dialing or manual information logging.

    Maximized Uptime

    Use your extra time to be more productive throughout the day.

    More Opportunity

    With more connections, there more chances to make sales.

    Instant Relationships

    Offer personalized services that are tailored to the client.

    How Does the CommPeak Auto Dialer Work?



    Sign up for an account and get in touch with a sales representative to implement your dialer solution.



    Upload your phone number list to our auto dialer software with a few clicks and quickly review the data.



    Tailor your automatic call routing rules to match your specific business needs.



    Start your automatic dialer, and your phone numbers will begin dialing automatically.

    Auto Dialer Pricing

    Best price


    per day /
    per active seat*

    Only pay for what you use!

    • You‘ll only be charged for the maximum number of concurrent active, talking seats on a given day.
    • If your maximum number of simultaneous callers decreases the next day, so, too, do your costs.

    Auto Dialer FAQs

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