Use DID Phone Numbers to Create a Local Presence

CommPeak offers reliable local DID Numbers from over 75 countries, eliminating any need for regional offices, building trust, and improving answer rates.

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Use DID Phone Numbers to Create a Local Presence

Choose the Best DID Number for Your Business

Establish a Local Presence

Research reveals that customers are much more likely to answer the phone when they see a prefix they recognize. Local, geographical numbers position your business directly in the area.

  • DID number is assigned to a specific geographic area
  • Incoming calls charged at regular, local rates
  • Typically used by individuals and local businesses
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Global Coverage With International DID Numbers

Establish a virtual local presence for your contact center in over 75 countries with a localized caller ID. Buy virtual numbers to expand your business operations and begin reaching more customers worldwide.

  • Call locally in 75+ countries

  • Expand your potential client base

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Localize Business With a Wholesale DID Number Provider

Call like a local by purchasing caller IDs with regional-specific prefixes.

Connect With More Customers

Reach clients and boost your answer rates worldwide with a virtual local presence. Generate trust with them by offering memorable, low-cost call-back numbers, making it easy to get in touch.

  • Increase your overall answer seizure rate
  • Get charged at the local, reduced calling prices
  • Enhance trust and bolster company reputation
What Customers Say About CommPeak

What Customers Say About CommPeak

The CommPeak Dialer is probably the best dialer I’ve used. No other dialer on the market can match its automation power.

Barak, Operations Manager


CommPeak’s VoIP quality exceeds our other vendors by 80%. The call quality is consistently superior.

Nick, IT Manager


Even as Optimus continues to expand, the prices CommPeak offers are lower than the other providers we are using.

Maja, Financial Director

Optimus Marketing

This is the easiest PBX system I’ve ever used for my business and it makes operations run really well.

Lasha, Manager

Mid-Market Call Center

Easily Manage Numbers

Buy virutal numbers and easily manage them in our intuitive user portal. With all of our highly accessible features, you’ll save time and resources, focusing instead on reaching your customers.

  • Stay updated about a DID number’s current status
  • Check a number’s history usage and past calls
  • Replace any of your local DID numbers when necessary

Broaden Market Base

Gaining new customers worldwide has never been easier. No longer restricted to a specific geographical area, your potential clientele reach is virtually unlimited.

  • Access previously untapped and unexplored markets
  • Create channels that empower customer communication
  • Grow your business exponential and maximize results
Call With PSTN Replacement

Call With PSTN Replacement

PSTN replacement, also known as local termination, gives you access to in-country telephone networks. Your calls will go through local operating switches, maximizing your answering rates.

CommPeak currently provides local termination in 45+ countries, including Turkey, South Africa, Malaysia, and Ukraine.

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Learn More About DID Numbers

DID Numbers Features

Rapid Purchase and Activation

Your local DID number will be ready to deploy with just a few clicks.

Two-Way Communication

Make and receive calls with your local DIDs, easily talking to customers.

Extensive Capabilities

Our DID phone numbers can support SMS, fax, and international calls.

Concurrent Channel Options

All DIDs include multiple channels. Additional channels can be purchased.

Intuitive User Portal

Use our web-based portal to manage and buy virtual DID numbers.

In-Depth Statistics and Analytics

Evaluate metrics including destination, status, monthly cost, and more.

Establish a Local Presence

DID Numbers Coverage

Reach more customers with our global caller IDs.


Countries With Local IDs


Tier 1 Connections

DID Numbers from CommPeak

Select Type of Number

Sign up for an account, access your CommPeak User Portal, and get in touch with the Sales team.


Submit Documents

Submit the IDs and documents for verification. Certain countries require specific documentation.


Get Final Confirmation

Once confirmed, you can start using your DID numbers to get in touch with customers worldwide.

Buy DID Numbers

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Rapid DID Number Replacement

If one of your DID numbers starts underperforming, you can easily replace it when using the CommPeak Dialer or Cloud PBX. Your replacement number will adhere to all the same settings, ensuring you can continue operating seamlessly.

Customers Succeed With CommPeak

Discover what customers love about CommPeak on G2, Trustpilot, Google, and other trusted review platforms.

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“They provide all the kinds of DID numbers I need. I use local and non-geo.”

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“The team is always there to help...they’re really pleasant.”

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“It’s just a relief to finally work with an honest [telecom] company.”

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