Vanity Phone Numbers

Maximize Your Business’s Recognizability

Let your phone number do the talking! A vanity phone number from CommPeak tells your customers the services you offer directly in the number. Clients will easily remember you the next time they’re in need.

  • Two-Way Communication
  • SMS-Supported Phone Numbers
  • Custom Tailored Numbers
  • Highly Memorable Options
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What Are Vanity Numbers?

A vanity number is a custom-designed phone number that creates a memorable word, phrase, or series of numbers.

  • Create unique phone numbers that you customers are more likely to remember.
  • Increase your brand recognizability with a fun, straightforward number.
  • Maximize your overall sales margins with more incoming calls every day.

Promote Your Services More Effectively With a Memorable Vanity Phone Number

Enhance Your Brand Image

When you buy a vanity phone number, your business instantly goes from indistinguishable to memorable. Existing customers will more quickly remember who to call when they are in need, and potential clients will appreciate the easy accessibility.

  • Increase your incoming inquiries and requests
  • Become the go-to business in the industry
  • Maximize the chances successful customer referrals

Reach Customers Nationwide

You can opt to use toll-free vanity numbers for your business, enabling people to call your services free of charge. By making contacting you an effortless, free process, more customers around the country can reach out to you, expanding your marketplace.

  • Offer your services to a wider customer base
  • Break free from regional constraints and limitations
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to grow your business

Greatly Multiply Your Sales

Inevitably, as more people remember your number, your business activity will soar. Instead of spending hours searching for a service provider, customers will automatically reach out to you, ready and eager to take advantage of the services your business offers.

  • Become the most memorable industry vendor
  • Attract more customers already in the market
  • Surpass forgettable other industry competitors
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Vanity Numbers for Business Heighten Your Success Rates

In addition to maximizing your business’s memorability, vanity phone numbers can also benefit your operations in other ways, including:

  • Bolstering your lead generation
  • Enhancing your brand reputation
  • Minimizing effort to reach your services
  • Organizing and tracking performance
  • Signficantly increasing sales potential
  • Making it easier to identify your market

Vanity Phone Number Features

Quick Setup

Contact the sales team and get your vanity phone number within minutes.

Nationwide Capabilities

Customers from all over the country can benefit from your leading services. 

Concurrent Channels

Receive multiple, simultaneous incoming calls from your eager customers.

Two-Way Communication

Use your vanity numbers for business as a recognizable outbound caller ID.

Usage Statistics

Easily track your number’s performance and review insightful customer data.

Toll-Free Options

Buy vanity numbers that are toll-free for clients looking for a cost-effective solution. 

Communicate With Superior VoIP Quality

Communicate With Superior VoIP Quality

You may think your vanity number search is over, only to discover your provider’s call quality is severely lacking. However, when you use your vanity phone number with CommPeak’s leading VoIP Service, you’ll always get through to your customers.

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How to Buy a Vanity Phone Number


Sales Team

Get in touch with our expert sales team to start the process of creating your customized vanity phone number. They’ll get you set up in a quick and timely manner.


User Portal

Register an account with CommPeak. It’s free to sign up and once you confirm your contact details, you receive credit to test out our superior VoIP quality.



You’ll need to provide the proper documentation to buy vanity numbers from CommPeak. Once you’ve submitted everything, the sales team can proceed.



Start advertising your new vanity phone number to your marketbase! Let them know who they can call if they are ever in need of high-quality services.

Vanity Phone Numbers FAQs

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