Harness Speech to Text Software to Rapidly Review Calls

Gain detailed insights while saving your time by transcribing phone calls to text. Our speech to text software for business accurately transforms conversations into scripts.

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Harness Speech to Text Software to Rapidly Review Calls

Automatic Scripts With Our Speech to Text Online

Effortlessly transcribe phone calls to text with our cost-effective software.

Instantly Explore Conversations

Save time by accessing accurate, easy-to-read transcripts. Instead of listening to long recordings, transcribe your phone calls and quickly read over what your agents are saying to customers.

  • Choose to transcribe one or both parties
  • Receive your transcripts within minutes
  • Use the quick keyword search to find phrases

Auto-Integrate Your CommPeak Calls

Automatically convert phone calls to text when using CommPeak’s solutions. Record calls on your CommPeak Dialer, Cloud PBX, or VoIP Service, and configure our speech to text software to create scripts based on your preferences.

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Auto-Integrate Your CommPeak Calls

Enhance Agent Compliance

You can easily download the scripts after you convert your agent's phone call to text. You'll discover the most successful communication patterns with our speech to text software.

  • Discover the talking points that convert leads
  • Minimize the training time for new agents
  • Deliver consistent, effective customer service

Analyze New Market Trends

With over 75 language options, you’ll always stay updated on the latest global trends. Find out your customers’ most recurring questions with our phone call to text converter.

  • Update and optimize your business strategy
  • Target and easily attract new, interested customers
  • Retain happy clients by proactively offering promotions

Quick Keyword Search

Find words and phrases with the convenient keyword search in our speech to text online system. Reduce time spent listening to recordings and reading scripts.

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What Customers Say About CommPeak

What Customers Say About CommPeak

The CommPeak Dialer is probably the best dialer I’ve used. No other dialer on the market can match its automation power.

Barak, Operations Manager


CommPeak’s VoIP quality exceeds our other vendors by 80%. The call quality is consistently superior.

Nick, IT Manager


Even as Optimus continues to expand, the prices CommPeak offers are lower than the other providers we are using.

Maja, Financial Director

Optimus Marketing

This is the easiest PBX system I’ve ever used for my business and it makes operations run really well.

Lasha, Manager

Mid-Market Call Center

Speech-to-Text Online Features

Sharp Accuracy

Powered by machine learning, you’ll utilize the best transcript accuracy.

Vast Vocabulary

Transcribe your phone calls to text in over 75 languages and dialects.

Advanced Keyword Search

Examine successful phrases to create dependable, sales-oriented scripts.

Multi-Channel Transcription

Select the channels to transcribe with our phone call to text converter.

Multi-Language Recognition

You can choose a primary language and up to three additional languages.

Noise Robustness

Even if there are external noises, they won’t harm the script’s accuracy.

CommPeak’s Speech to Text Software Pricing


per channel

per min (60/60)

Included at no additional cost:

Unlimited cloud storage for transcripts

Permission-based access rules

More than 75 language choices

User-friendly keyword searchbar

Precise, auto-generated scripts

Multi-lingual conversation options

Transcribe Phone Calls to Text

Set Up Account

Create your free CommPeak account now and get started with our powerful speech to text online.


Start Calling

Configure rules to record the conversations you want to be transcribed and start making calls.


Generate Text

Go to 'Reports' in your User Portal and review all your recordings in highly-accurate script form.

Transcribe Phone Calls to Text

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Customers Succeed With CommPeak

Discover what customers love about CommPeak on G2, Trustpilot, Google, and other trusted review platforms.

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“The CommPeak dashboard does everything for me...It’s easy to find all of the information.”

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“They are very pleasant to work with.”

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“[Since switching to CommPeak], I’ve gotten really good feedback from my customers.”

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