Non-Geographic Numbers

Expand Your Business Reach Nationwide

Give your business or contact center the appearance of a nationwide presence by calling with a phone number that isn’t tied to a specific region. Bolster your reputation and increase your answer rates.

  • Non-Geo Numbers in 75+ Countries
  • Reachable Across the Country
  • Ideal for National Organizations
  • Collect Payments and Information
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What are Non-Geographic Phone Numbers?

Non-geographic phone numbers  are phone numbers you can use to identify your business with a national area code rather than a city or regional-specific one.

  • Establish your business as a far-reaching competitor in the local market.
  • Bolster your brand reputation with an easily reachable phone number.
  • Boost your overall answer rates and gain trust within the community.

Bolster Your Business’s Brand and Reach Customers Nationwide

Boost your customers’ trust in your business with a national phone number.

Increase Incoming Engagement

Non-geographic phone numbers make the process of customers getting in touch with you much more manageable. These numbers are usually free for them and can be reached regardless of the caller's location.

  • Provide free, or low-cost callback numbers
  • Adopt a single, unique national phone number
  • Appeal to more customers regardless of location

Enhance Your Overall Reputation

CommPeak’s non-geographic numbers can reach and be reached any number across the targetted country. Customers using mobile phones and landlines alike will recognize you as a trustworthy enterprise.

  • Significantly boost your business’s recognition
  • Create a more recognizable phone number
  • Become more accessible to a wider marketplace

Maximize Your Answer Rates

Customers are more inclined to answer phone numbers that reflect a national presence. Take advantage of the wide variety of non-geo numbers CommPeak offers and get in touch with the necessary clients more efficiently.

  • Subtly persuade unlikely clients to pick up the phone
  • Collect the payments and information more quickly
  • Increase your KPIs nationwide, not just regionally

More Benefits of CommPeak’s Top Tier Non-Geographic Numbers

CommPeak’s virtual non-geographic numbers offer you the opportunity to position their local business as a nationally-established enterprise.

Brand Awareness

Promote a national, non-regional number to bolster awareness.

Increased Conversions

Increase sale opportunities by choosing a recognizable number.

Simple Tracking

Monitor your non-geographic number’s performance rates.

Easy Call Forwarding

Route your incoming communications to any device.

Low-Cost Communication

Eliminate the majority of calling costs for your customers.

Quick Purchasing

Enjoy an easy purchase and activation process to start calling.

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Non-Geographic Phone Numbers’ Features

Easy Onboarding

Our representatives guide you through the process of getting your numbers.

Worldwide Options

We offer non-geo phone numbers for more than 75 countries worldwide.

Multiple Channels

You can receive several calls simultaneously, ensuring everyone can reach you.

Prefix Varieties

For specific countries, you have a wide array of prefix options to choose from.

Two-Way Communication

Enjoy outbound and inbound calls and keep communication channels open.

Performance Analytics

Monitor your non-geographic number’s performance and usage statistics.

Get Started With Your Non-Geographic Phone Numbers



Get in touch with an expert on our sales team and tell them about your calling needs. They set you up with the most suitable non-georaphic numbers.



Sign up for an account in the My CommPeak User Portal. You can explore more of our calling features and test our quality with your free trial credit.



Depending on which countriies you need non-geographic phone numbers for, you’ll need to submit various documentation and identification forms.



After your documents have been approved, you can begin calling your customers and maximizing your engagement with your new non-geo phone number!

Non-Geographic Numbers FAQs

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