Manage and Optimize Campaigns With Our SMS Marketing Platform

Send, control, and manage bulk SMS campaigns, taking advantage of advanced analytics and insights with a user-friendly dashboard and competitive pricing.

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Manage and Optimize Campaigns With Our SMS Marketing Platform

Enhance Communications With the TextPeak SMS Sending Platform

Optimize your effectiveness with our intelligent SMS campaign software.

Easily Create, Send, and Evaluate

Create bulk campaigns and evaluate your results with our SMS marketing platform dashboard. TextPeak is for users of all technical backgrounds, presenting all information intuitively.

  • Craft highly targeted SMS campaigns within minutes
  • Explore in-depth performance data and statistics
  • Leverage insights to maximize customer engagement

Harness Full-Scale Functionalities

Our SMS campaign software, TextPeak, has extensive functionality, guaranteeing you engage more customers. With so many variants, you'll discover what yields the best results.

  • Discover the most effective wording with A/B testing
  • Specify sending times depending on the client timezone
  • Automatically replace words for message variation

Effortlessly Make the Perfect SMS Campaign

Maximize your engagement rates by experimenting with our highly customizable bulk SMS campaign messaging software which includes:

  • A/B message testing
  • Included link or no link
  • Sending time automation
  • Automated follow-up responses
  • Two-way channel options
  • Unique personalizations
  • SMS long code and short code

Instantly Adjust to Local Policies

Our easy SMS marketing platform ensures you follow all the necessary regulations and rules. Don’t stress about inappropriate sending times or other regional marketing policies. We’ve got you covered!

  • We ensure SMS messages are sent during the proper hours
  • TextPeak checks that you use the allowed type of sender IDs
  • Our SMS campaign software includes locally required content

Global Sending Capabilities

Reach more leads worldwide with the highest-quality SMS routes. Your and your customers’ locations will never restrict you from communicating with multiple types of SMS campaigns.

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Subscription options
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Explore More SMS Capabilities from CommPeak

TextPeak Features

Extensive Analytics

Access insights like total cost and how many people clicked on included links.

User-Friendly Platform

Create, manage, and send your bulk SMS campaigns within less than five minutes.

Full Visibility

Easily explore your campaign results with our SMS sending platform.

Two-Way SMS

Communicate with SMS messages using applicable CommPeak DID Numbers.

Unique Personalizations

Send bulk SMS that include the recipient’s name, subscription number, and more.

A/B Testing Optimization

Craft alternative phrasings to test click-through and conversion rates.

Customized Scheduling

Specify sending times, ensuring texts reach clients at the ideal moment.

Contact Management

Create and assign audiences for targeted campaigns and strategically reuse them.

Multiple Sender ID Options

Choose static or random sender IDs. Customize SMS with long code or short code.

Bulk SMS Campaigns

Instantly send mass SMS announcements and promotions to customers and leads.

Automated Responses

Configure your campaign to send automatic follow-up SMS notifications.

Auto Word Replacement

Select from your choice of synonyms to ensure your SMS messages have variation.

What Customers Say About CommPeak

Our Customers’ Stories of Succeeding With CommPeak

The CommPeak Dialer is probably the best dialer I’ve used. No other dialer on the market can match its automation power.

Barak, Operations Manager


CommPeak’s VoIP quality exceeds our other vendors by 80%. The call quality is consistently superior.

Nick, IT Manager


Even as Optimus continues to expand, the prices CommPeak offers are lower than the other providers we are using.

Maja, Financial Director

Optimus Marketing

This is the easiest PBX system I’ve ever used for my business and it makes operations run really well.

Lasha, Manager

Mid-Market Call Center

SMS Marketing Platform - TextPeak

The TextPeak SMS Marketing Platform Advantage

TextPeak empowers users with all backgrounds to create the most effective campaigns. Our easy-to-use SMS texting platform is filled with variants you can leverage to boost your engagement rates.

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The TextPeak SMS Marketing Platform Advantage
Elevate Your SMS Strategy

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