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How Does a Local Presence Dialer Work?

Dialer TeamCommPeak
July 6, 2020
Local Dialer

When you operate and manage a business with a global clientele, it’s important to make sure that you encompass every available market. Even if you are hundreds of miles away from potential customers, there are ways to gain their trust and loyalty. Creating the appearance of a local presence with a local caller ID is one surefire way to achieve this goal.

A Local Presence From Thousands of Miles Away

Details such as the language agents and recorded messages speak, the time customers receive phone calls, and the specific numbers that appear when the phone rings matter. When someone sees a local caller ID, they are much more likely to pick up the call. Unusual, international numbers look suspicious, and people are naturally put off by them.

However, when you call with a local caller ID and make the appropriate language adjustments, you establish yourself as a local, trustworthy business. The dialer will locate the intended customers and pick the best time to call them, ensuring you don’t bother them at weird hours.

To start creating a local presence, significantly boosting your answering rate, check out the CommPeak Dialer today!

Customizable for Your Call Center

Perfectly customizable to cater to your specific needs, the CommPeak local presence Dialer can:

  • Validate a number and correct the country code if the prefix is dublicated or broken
  • Display the agent’s caller ID according to the customer’s country and region
  • Call customers and leads at appropriate times according to ther resepctive time zones

Advantages of Using CommPeak Local Presence Dialer

With the CommPeak Dialer, agents reduce idle time and increase their answer success rates. They don’t have to waste their timing finding the lead’s location, dialing (or misdialing), and waiting for long ringtones.


The dedicated CommPeak team configures the Dialer according to your business goals and local dialing rules. Our cloud-based communication tool will then automatically select, prioritize, and call local leads. The intelligent Dialer also chooses a local caller ID to display to the recipient. All your agents have to do is talk!

Time Zone Sensitivity

Disturbing customers during inconvenient hours is a huge blunder. With the CommPeak Dialer, you can ensure that the relevant leads only receive calls when appropriate, even if it’s a time zone different than yours! Setting the Dialer only to make calls on weekdays and during business hours is critical. 

Increase Connections and Call-Backs

Every interaction is important, especially the first impression! Local virtual numbers that are common for your region help to overcome an initial suspicion of your business. Appearing like a local boosts your brand reputation and compels people to feel a sense of trust, knowing that you are a part of the local community.

CRM Integration

Connect the CommPeak Dialer directly to your CRM platform, allowing you to manage each customer more effectively. With all your essential information located in a single environment, it’s much more convienient for agents to deliver personalized customer experiences. Moreover, they can maximize productivity by eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms.

Call Like a Local With the CommPeak Dialer

Ultimately, the CommPeak Dialer bridges the distance between you and your customers. This smart calling tool maximizes your success rates, optimizes agent productivity, and minimizing idle time due to ringtones and dialing errors. This solution improves your call center on multiple levels.

Start calling like a local today.

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