Auto Dialer

Smart Dialer Platform

CommPeak Auto Dialer is an advanced in-house developed predictive cloud-based VoIP dialing solution which can be seamlessly integrated with the most common CRM’s.
CommPeak Auto Dialer makes your call center much more efficient, allowing agents to do the most valuable work -
sales and customer service.

Getting real-time insights in sales dialer

Boost your call center efficiency with CommPeak Dialer

International Voice over IP network


Easily manage & customize VoIP dialing logic to fit your business’s unique needs

Instant international VoIP service


Auto Dial to your hot leads at the shortest time by using our realtime CRM integration and ruling system

High wholesale VoIP performance


Track your team performance on your real-time dashboard and using our BI tools

Auto Dialing Platform Features

CommPeak as a leading VoIP Provider created especially for you our Auto Dialer Platform, that dynamically adjusts to maximize your operation’s volume of outbound calls and to seamlessly distribute the queued leads to available agents at an instantaneous rate.

Live control over VoIP services

Real-time dashboard

Monitor, control and get up to speed over your call center's performance.

Automatic dialing several numbers at once

Automatic Dialing

No more manual dialling. Monitor and view agent activity in real-time or post-sale. Individually manipulate each lead’s funnel.

Predictive dialer smart rules system

Robust Rules Engine

Fully automate your business flow and control the leads life cycle through automatic ruling systems.

Scalable automatic dialing software

Full Lead management

Manage and distribute your leads according to teams, skills, lead status, countries and time zones, and much more.

Personalized call center performance reports

Special made Reports

Be on top of every occurrence in your center. Analyze past and current data to get better results!

Whisper function in auto dialer


Secretly speak with your agents during active calls.

Time zone management in automatic dialer

Time Zone management

Set calling hours for per country and campaign to always stay within your lead's time zone.

Duplicated numbers management

Duplicates Management

Automatically and instantly recognise duplicate leads, then easily manage them.

Listening to the VoIP calls of call center agents

Listen in and 

Listen in on your agent’s active calls and have the ability to log them out when you see fit.

Your leads are your treasure

weʼll help you to make the most out of each and every one of them using our realtime CRM integration and dynamic rule sets

Fast dialing software deploy and onboarding

Deployment is a no-brainer

With your very own, dedicated Auto Dialer project manager, deployment is a breeze. Our integration specialists will walk you through a streamlined onboarding process and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Call center performance tracking

Monitor your performance

Get all of the information you need by utilizing our robust reporting module. Generate your own custom reports or easily implement our RESTful API to extract and process your raw data.

Secure VoIP termination

Tried, tested and trusted!

Running in live production environments since 2013, serving multiple VoIP call centers in various countries and network topologies, Dialer has been utilized and vouched for by leading industry professionals.

Dynamic dialing software structure

Dynamic architecture

Multi-site global enterprise, large BPO or an independent VoIP call center. The modular architecture allows us to fit the operational needs of any customer in the best way.

Real-time stats in VoIP dialers

Realtime insights

Gain valuable insights in real-time via CommPeak Auto Dialing Platform’s comprehensive, yet intuitive dashboards, as well as tailored, role/permission based dedicated views.

Full lead database control in predictive dialer

Focus on your growth

CommPeak Auto Dialing Platform was developed with scalability in mind, so when your business is ready to go to the next level, so are we!


CommPeak Auto Dialer packages seamlessly integrate with all major CRM platforms to provide a smooth setup and interruption free operation.

Full dialer integration with Salesforce CRM


Full dialer integration with Pipedrive CRM


Full dialer integration with TechFinancials CRM

Tech Financials



Full dialer integration with Tradesoft CRM


Integration with Leverate CRM


Full dialer integration with Spotoption CRM


FX back office

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