Power Dialer

Call More Customers in Less Time

Maximize your productivity and call your customers and leads quicker. CommPeak's power dialer for business automates the dialing process, allowing you to communicate with more people than ever before.

  • Increased Call Volume
  • Reduced Human Error
  • Personalized Relationships
  • Real-Time Performance

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What Is an Outbound Power Dialer for Business?

The power dialer is a unique business tool that equips nonstop outbound callers to be more productive. Power dialer software automatically dials the next uploaded phone number as soon as a representative ends the previous phone conversation.

  • Meet business targets quicker
  • Automated in-house processes
  • Increase average conversion rates

46% Reduction in Operational Costs per Month


Optimize Your Calling Efficiency With Our Power Dialer Software

Instantly make more outbound calls in the same amount of time.

Maximize Your Calls per Day

CommPeak's outbound power dialer automatically dials the following phone number immediately after agents hang up the call. Without the manual processes, your business calls more daily.

  • Leverage time more effectively
  • Quickly reach more customers
  • Boost your sales potential

Dramatically Reduce Downtime

Call center agents no longer have to input phone numbers themselves with our power dialer for business. The automation allows them to capitalize on every moment.

  • Eliminate time-wasting processes
  • Begin dialing immediately after hangup
  • Integrate and sync your CRM data

Foster Customer Relationships

With the outbound power dialer, your customers never wait for someone for an agent to connect to the call. Once they answer, clients speak with a live agent only, enhancing trust.

  • Invest more time in communication
  • Fully eliminate clients’ wait times
  • Publicize your trustworthy brand reputation

Advantages of Power Dialer Software

Our power dialer for contact centers optimizes the outbound calling process for your team, connecting them to more live customers daily.

Quick Connections

Instantly connect with your valued leads and customers.

No Manual Tasks

No more dialing or manual information logging.

Maximized Uptime

Use your extra time to be more productive throughout the day.

More Opportunity

With more connections, there more chances to make sales.

Instant Relationships

Offer personalized services that are tailored to the client.

How Does the CommPeak Power Dialer Work?


Sign Up

Register for a free MyCommPeak account! Then contact a sales rep to get access to the power dialer.



Transfer and integrate all of your data. Upload phone numbers and other relevant leads information.



Customize your outbound power dialer to ensure it matches your specific business needs.



Start calling! Click your mouse, and your power dialer will start automatically dialing.

Power Dialer Pricing

Best price


per day /
per active seat*

Only pay for what you use!

  • You‘ll only be charged for the maximum number of concurrent active, talking seats on a given day.
  • If your maximum number of simultaneous callers decreases the next day, so, too, do your costs.

Power Dialer FAQs

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