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Remote Work Is Here to Stay: Keep Your Business on Track

Customer Success TeamCommPeak
March 24, 2021
Remote work during COVID-19

The prominence of remote work grew recently due to the outbreak of the global pandemic. But now, even as the pandemic subsides and the world returns to “normal,” remote work seems here to stay

If you want to take advantage of remote work benefits while maintaining your company’s security, you’ll need to adjust accordingly. 

What Are the Challenges of Remote Work? 

Working from home presents a slew of previously unfaced challenges. Here are the most common issues businesses and employees may face while transitioning and your potential actions to circumvent them. 

Challenge #1: Employee Burnout

When working from home, the line between work and personal life tends to blur. The lack of boundaries leads to burnout.

What to Do? 

After switching to remote work, regularly check in with your employees to ensure they have a solid work-life balance. You can permit them to have flexibility with their hours to control their days and manage their time better.

Challenge #2: Communication Breakdown

Remote work can be lonely considering that there is much less in-personal collaboration amongst teammates. But working collectively in real-time shouldn’t be a significant problem if you have the right communication tools at your disposal.

What to Do?

You can adopt Voice over IP communication solutions, helping you stay in touch with your team and customers. For instance, CommPeak’s VoIP service can streamline your conversations and help your team engage in better communication for significantly less money.

Get started with our superior VoIP service today.  

Challenge #3: Dangerous Delay

Conversations may get lost in the endless bombardment of online messages. Even when all you need is a quick yes or no, it could take hours – even days – to receive an answer. Communication lag is a prominent issue for companies that work remotely. 

What to Do?

You can host daily stand-ups with your team, during which you can discuss professional progress, questions, and even personal success. At the same time, you should also adopt an online messaging tool. Use it strategically!

Challenge #4: Technology Troubles

Before transitioning to the virtual office, ensure your employees have a strong, secure, and reliable network. You’ll also want to ensure that they have the appropriate collaboration tools and the necessary devices for fruitful, productive work from home. 

What to Do?

The days of on-premise-only software are slowly but surely fading into obscurity. To optimize your employees’ productivity, go online and utilize cloud-based technologies.

Go Remote With CommPeak 

The transition to remote work doesn’t simply imply passing out laptops and tools to your employees for video conferencing. The switch can be a pretty complex process.

But, with CommPeak, the transition will be quick and painless, ensuring you continue business as normal, following leads and closing sales.

Want to know more about CommPeak’s communication tools for remote work? Contact us.

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