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A prime telecom leader in its class, CommPeak offers premium A-Z voice termination services to both landline and mobile destinations worldwide. We equip companies of all sizes with the voice communication power, freedom and flexibility they need to keep their business growing.

Here’s why CommPeak is ahead of the business VoIP pack


Crystal clear call quality and reliability
8 PoPs worldwide! Low PDD, Low voice delay


24/7 professional VoIP-oriented support 
team ensures seamless integration


Billing is 1/1 for all destinations.
*Mexico – 60/60, United States – 6/6, Gambia – 60/1

Boost your sales and customer service centers

CommPeak offers wholesale short duration and dialer termination solutions (aka CC routes) to fit any scale or type of call center. Our Dedicated Short-Duration (CC) termination team focuses on delivering an unlimited capacity for concurrent calls. Renowned call quality, performance, and unmatched service levels.

Operating on high volume, multi-destination environment? Contact us today to learn more about our Short Duration VoIP termination services.

Real-time dashboard

Multiple geographically distributed, decentralized POPs network topology


Best-in-class performance ensures High CPS tolerance, Low PDD

Trunk management

Second-based call billing increments, we DON'T round-up!


24/7 network oversight and multi-channel support whenever you need it

It’s easy to set up with a customized VoIP termination 
plan via CommPeak

Powerful short duration termination to high volume contact centers as well as origination and toll-free numbers.
Our customized plans include the most advanced termination technologies and full global coverage.

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