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6 Ways SMEs Can Boost Customer Engagement With a Cloud-Based PBX

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March 24, 2022
Boost Customer Engagement with a Cloud-Based PBX

The repercussions of the COVID pandemic have forced enterprises to rethink how they do business. Small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) need to develop innovative ways to retain customers and drive revenue. But how do you deliver excellent customer service, increase sales, and support flexible working arrangements while recovering from the economic fallout?

SMEs can use cloud PBX services to optimize customer engagement efforts. Even though cloud-based PBXes are typically associated with large-scale contact centers because they enable you to manage calling operations quickly, small businesses can also significantly benefit from this solution.

How Can SMEs Leverage a Cloud-Based PBX to Enhance Their Operations?

  • Reduce Costs and Scale Accordingly

A cloud-based PBX is an internet-based phone system. You don’t need additional, expensive equipment such as a PBX server and IP phones, reducing set-up, installation, and maintenance costs. Additionally, you don’t need to hire a full-time IT technician because the vendor is responsible for support.

A cloud-based PBX is pay-per-usage, which makes it scalable and low cost. You can serve a global customer base without maintaining an expensive IT infrastructure. In case of a spike in call traffic, you can easily ask for additional extensions.

  • Acquire Multi-Location Capabilities With a Softphone

A softphone is a software-based business phone that you can install on laptops, desktops, and mobile phones, helping small businesses support remote or hybrid work. Your customer representatives can then work from home, sales agents can call back a client while on the field, and HR can provide onsite days for employees who are more productive in the office. 

Happy employees make happy customers. By automating the calling process and providing the right environment, they can focus on their job.

  • Speed Up Service Delivery with an IVR and Click2Call

You can incorporate other tools with your cloud-based PBX phone system to offer different calling options.

An IVR or auto-attendant is like a virtual receptionist that allows you to dictate a call flow. You can route calls to a specific team, extension, or voicemail by creating a voice menu. You can also offer a callback option. The agent can schedule it in their dashboard and notify the customer via SMS or email.

Routing incoming calls to the proper channels and offering a callback option facilitates a smoother workflow for your agents. Making the outreach process easier facilitates better sales.

  • Supervise and Fine-Tune Contact Operations

Managers can take complete control of their contact operations. They can configure agent groups, call orders, and roles. They can supervise communications directly from the management-view dashboard and assist agents without the customer knowing. All these parameters, including agent productivity and queues, can be monitored in real-time.

Managing your inbound and outbound operations ensures that each call is handled purposefully. Besides the pricing, you should also look at the usability. Trustworthy cloud PBX providers should offer all the features you need and an intuitive user interface.

  • Optimize Agent Performance

PBX stats help your managers use real-time analytics and discover patterns of success. They’ll have all the information they need, including the number of calls on queue per hour, answered calls, and average talk time to assess teams, individual agents, and overall operations. They can check call history and listen to call recordings for QA evaluations and compliance.

According to Gladly, 92% of consumers say they will stop purchasing from a company after three bad customer service experiences. Analytics enables you to make data-driven decisions and formulate a strategy.

  • Personalize Customer Experience with CRM Integration

Integrating a cloud-based PBX with a CRM ensures that agents have all the information to resolve a call or convert a lead. They will also be able to update the status of a call or lead in real-time.

No one wants to explain themselves repeatedly for every call or receive the same sales call they rejected last week. Having information on hand personalizes the experience, whether they’re a prospect or an existing customer.

Engage and Reach More Customers Today

Boost your sales, marketing, and customer support operations. Acquire the enterprise capabilities of a call center without the cost and complexity of an on-premise PBX system. Leverage CommPeak’s cloud-based PBX for your small business.

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