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Benefits of Being a CommPeak Reseller

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April 1, 2024
Benefits of Being a CommPeak Reseller

As a business owner, a flexible but consistent revenue stream is essential. More importantly, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Having only one way to make money opens you up to a lot of risk.

CommPeak’s reseller program, whether for VoIP or SMS marketing, is a great, low-effort way to put your business in a much more comfortable position. You get income without doing much, and you won’t have to worry about your finances as you perform your normal operations.

Looking to get into it? Here’s a quick guide so you know what you’re doing when it comes to reselling:

A Guide on VoIP Services and SMS Marketing Reseller Programs

Providing VoIP services and SMS marketing services is pretty popular now, and it’s smart to want to get in on the action. It’s easy and ubiquitous, the perfect passive-income generator that every operation needs. Digital communication is the norm nowadays, and most businesses need it for their day-to-day operations, so being the person who gives them what they need is a really good position to be in.

And there’s a lot of potential income to make with being a VoIP or SMS provider. Depending on your business model, you may even already have an existing customer base looking for ways to make digital calls ready and waiting for you to offer services.

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And even if you don’t have potential clients lining up the door, VoIP isn’t difficult to advertise. Every business needs a way to communicate with their customers and clientele, and VoIP is the perfect way to do that. It’s practically a necessity these days. You don’t have to advertise much when that’s the kind of thing you’re selling.

The problem is that not everyone can offer VoIP services—either from a lack of resources or technical expertise, maybe even both. And that’s where being a reseller for a partner provider comes in.

That’s where reselling comes in. You may not have the tools to provide the VoIP or SMS marketing services yourself, but someone else does. All you have to do is find a reliable partner seller, pass on your customers to them, and collect your commissions. Simple as that.

And that’s not all. Here are some other benefits to being part of a VoIP reseller program if you’re still not convinced:

low risk / flexibile

Low-Risk and Low Effort

Compared to other business ventures, there’s little risk in becoming a reseller. You won’t need a big operation to run it—just refer new customers, and your partner provider will take care of the rest.

You won’t even need to have the physical infrastructure for it. Your partner takes care of actually providing the services, maintaining the servers, and answering customer requests and questions. And you continue to get commissions for as long as your referee continues to use VoIP services—an instant revenue stream for next to no work.


Because of the low risk, you also get a lot of flexibility in how it integrates into your business. It could be a simple venture off to the side of your actual operations, it could be an optional feature you suggest to your customers, or you can make a whole business out of it. It’s all up to you.

However, it’s important to remember that different levels of involvement will also require different things from you. Make sure that’s something you take into account in your business plans. There’s a world of difference between becoming a full-time VoIP or SMS marketing reseller and using it simply as an additional source of revenue.

scalable/ trustworthy


Of course, one of the best parts of being a reseller is that you can always change your mind. Even after you’ve become a full-time reseller, you’re always free to scale back your operations and go back to referring only a handful of new customers every few months.

And, on the flip side, if you notice that being a reseller is viable and profitable enough, then it’s also easy enough to scale up your operations and devote more of your time and resources towards doing that.

However you may want to fit reselling into your business, you won’t have any trouble pulling it off.


If you do your due diligence, then you’re going to be working with a reputable and reliable partner like CommPeak. That way, you can be sure that the services you’re selling is trustworthy and of the best quality.

And, that reputation will extend to your own business. Your VoIP and SMS marketing clients will see your business as trustworthy for referring them to the right provider. That goodwill will be a great help in boosting interest in your own products and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can VoIP make international calls?
Yes. Because of CommPeak’s trustworthy and reliable Tier-1 connections, our VoIP services can reach anyone anywhere in the world.

How does SMS Marketing work?
With SMS marketing, you can send bulk messages automatically without breaking a sweat. This can be used to promote new deals in your store, transaction updates for customers, or for one-time pins.

What do I have to do as a reseller?
Not much. Just refer customers to us here at CommPeak, and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s as easy as that.

How do reseller commissions work?
As long as the people you referred is doing business with us, you get a cut of the earnings. You can keep track of this in CommPeak’s user-friendly and intuitive reseller dashboard.

Become a VoIP or SMS Reseller With CommPeak

Convinced yet? Once you’re ready to begin your journey as a VoIP or SMS reseller, get in touch with CommPeak through our contact page, and let’s get started.

Still have some questions?