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CRM or Lists?

Ksenya R

November 29, 2018

In our first article ‘AutoDialing’ we confirmed that in order to be the best in your field you MUST use the best there is to offer and that’s: Smart Dialing System.

But, is this ‘Smart Dialing System’ good for any type of call center? Lists as much as CRM?

Well, yes. Smart is exactly that… it knows to adapt to your way of work and simply makes it better and more efficient.

Let’s look into both Lists and CRM options 🙂

Type One – Lists (Basically an Excel/CSV file with a bunch of names and contact details)

If you don’t have CRM, you really don’t have to get one. The smart dialer can still give you amazing results without it.

Simply upload your CSV file with the fields that you want to use and voila, the dialer will know to take it from there.

It will handle your duplicates, check your leads and fix them (correct numbers and prefixes) yes, yes the smart dialer has a few magic tricks up its sleeve 😉

It will even give you stats about your lead file once it’s uploaded, countries cut, duplicate and error count, to let you decide if you want to proceed or make some corrections. Then simply start assigning those leads to your team according to the way your call center works. Could be according to skill level, language, expertise and so on.

Your dialer is your storage place of everything from now on.

And guess what… Your agent will get all the history of the lead in his Agent’s Interface, no more notes or trying to remember anything during the sale process anymore, uniquely designed for lists using clients 😉

As a lists client, you’ll enjoy all the Reports & Statistics, control your agents and be the master of your system and its logic.

Type Two – CRM

What if you are using CRM? That’s great, cause you have all the options open to you.

With a CRM you can simply sync the smart dialer with it, and it’ll sync every few minutes or seconds (depends on your CRM) both ways.

Using a CRM opens you a whole new manipulation system of new rules and groups or Remote Adapter Settings. What does it do, you ask… well, it will promise you that your lead will receive whatever behavior you need it the moment it synced, moreover this rules will promise you that you will start using the data as if you always used the dialer.

Have a lead that registered a day ago and one that you have since a month ago, with the Remote Adapter Settings the dialer will know that and treat each accordingly.

Do you have certain affiliates that you don’t want to be inside your campaigns? Just set it in the Remote Adapter rules inside the relevant group and from now on it will do it all automatically, no need for special extra rules in the campaigns or manual work with the lead files before uploading if you were the first type client.

And you know what’s even better?

You can use your HOT leads when you are using CRM-Dialer method. Let’s say you have a lead that is browsing your site online, the dialer will recognize it thanks to the syncing between the systems, give a huge boost for this lead for a specific time frame when this lead will be on top of the queue for your agents so if they are free and don’t have a promised meeting they’ll get it first, promising you to get this ready sale before any other.

And what if the timezone is closed right now? Well, the timezone will be opened for a few minutes, in that case, for this lead only, so you’ll get the best chance of getting it,  with the least chance of spamming the client or getting a complaint from him.

A small disclaimer you can use your hot data with lists, simply it won’t be online…

So, whatever you are using CRM or lists rest assured that the smart dialer has your back, no matter what 😉

Next article we’ll start diving deeper into the smart dialer itself and see how and what looks like… Promise.