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Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Customer Success TeamCommPeak
December 19, 2018
Phone Support CommPeak

The VoIP industry requires to be good, really good, to understand the bad, learn from it and keep getting better! We at CommPeak are working day and night to get better and provide our customers with fast handling teams. Over the past year, we have promoted 24/7 live chat around the world, fresh ticket system to ensure all issues are being handled and analyzed promptly and, we are now taking it one step forward:

CommPeak is launching 24/7 urgent phone support

I am happy to announce a new phone support line that will be initiated in the following week. It would be an SOS support line for any urgent matter that may happen, It will give customers outlet to our support teams without having to open a ticket, and it will surely save you time. You are entitled to the best we can provide!

All details on how the service works exactly will soon appear in your  CommPeak “My portal” site, and you can also ask your success manager for more information. It’s going to be safe, quick and easy!

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