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Seamless Integration of Cloud PBX with Panda CRM

Amichai HadadHead of Product
December 21, 2020
Cloud PBX and Panda CRM Integration

To survive in today’s rapidly changing world, businesses need to become more agile, meet the customers’ needs and automate their communications. To help our customers, we have broadened the list of CommPeak’s Cloud PBX integrations by adding Panda CRM.

For companies using Panda CRM, integration with the PBX Stats system, our smart analytics and reporting platform, boosts their productivity and business efficiency. The Click2Call function further streamlines these calling routines. Ultimately, your agents need to make fewer clicks and open fewer tabs, saving them valuable time.

Why You Need Panda CRM Integration

The answer is simple. In a single, user-friendly online interface, you get complete, updated personal information about your client’s history. Every call your agents have to will be recorded directly into your CRM.

Personalized Customer Experience

With regular data updated in your CRM, you’ll stay in the loop, clearly understanding whom you’re selling to, how clients react to your brand, and the best communication patterns. By carefully tracking these behavior patterns and preferences, you’ll provide personalized customer support, boosting your brand loyalty and overall business success.

Increased Agent Productivity

Our Cloud PBX is a powerful tool that analyzes agents’ performance and typical scenarios. It helps your call center to improve your communication strategy and increase overall productivity. Your agents benefit from the Panda CRM integration as well, streamlining the dialing processes and keeping customer data at hand.

Lead History

CommPeak’s Cloud PBX saves details of each call to the customer history. Later, agents can easily view this information, effortlessly accessing it during the call to ensure a personalized approach. 

Improved Tracking and Management

With Click2Call integration, you’ll see exactly how much you’re spending per call directly in your Panda CRM. This useful statistical addition helps you to manage your budget more effectively and calculate your expenses per customer.

Get Started and Optimize Your Productivity

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