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Let Your Voice Do The Typing‎

Customer Success TeamCommPeak
January 20, 2019

It’s Powerful!

It’s not just a strong trend. Speech to text is being used throughout the world and as it increases usage, CommPeak has partnered with both Google and Amazon in order to give our customers the best service out there. It allows customers to easily identify all sorts of situations which manually would take hours or days!

Cloud Speech-to-Text features:

From 120 languages and variants to multi-channel recognition, this new tool has a global vocabulary, improves and learns on its own and has the potiantial to real-time stream or work on prerecord audio support. The options are many and the usage can be custom made for each and every one.

Activate the powers!

Simple to use on the dialer platform (automatically) or on your Sip account (manually), all you need to do is tell us you would like it turned on. The dialer will enable you to transcript any parameter you would like, per county, per duration and even per campaign! Then with the help of our report system, you can easily search a ‘ key work ‘ identified in thousands of audio files. There is no monthly payment for the service, you are only billed for the minutes you transcript, ask us more to know exectly how it works and let’s get this party started!

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