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Local Dialing Numbers: What They Are and How They Boost Your Business

Customer Success TeamCommPeak
August 5, 2021
local termination

For outbound call centers, get through to your customers, and leads can be one of the frustrating challenges. To persuade more clients to answer the phone, VoIP providers created DID or local virtual numbers. While these numbers do indeed make it seem as though call center agents were calling in-county, the calls are still routed through international switches, leaving them vulnerable to get blocked. 

Thankfully, industry experts found the optimal answer: local dialing numbers.

What Is a Local Dialing Number? 

Local dialing –  also called local termination or PTSN replacement – gives you access to the in-country telephone networks, allowing you to reach more customers. Like regular DIDs, local dialing numbers give your agents a localized caller ID. However, unlike DIDs, you’ll have domestic calling capabilities. With local termination, your agents’ calls will always get through local operating switches, maximizing your sales potential and boosting your business success.

The Benefits of Using a Local Dialing Number

Local Dialing Number
A-Z SIP Termination 
There are no issues with local call blocking. 
Passing through international switches; more likely to get blocked. 
Call Quality
Excellent quality 24/7/365, long ACD, and short PDD. 
No quality guarantees, with short ACD and long PDD.
Enjoy stable pricing in the local currency. 
International rates change every week. 
Calls routed directly to the local number owner.
Calls are routed internationally via multiple switches. 
Access all local networks, including toll-free numbers. 
Limited number ranges, no toll-free calling capabilities.
Caller ID
Guaranteed caller ID with an in-country number format. 
There are risks of A-number replacement.

Call Like a Local With PTSN Replacement From CommPeak

Not every VoIP provider offers you the opportunity to purchase local dialing numbers, but CommPeak does. We provide local termination for 46 countries, covering areas that other VoIP vendors don’t, including the UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Australia. We’re here to help our customers leverage resources, maximize their success, and improve their business telephony. Our multiple services include:

PTSN Replacement
– Call metrics and KPIs
– Softphone
– Cloud-based communication platform
– Call center
Inbound DIDs
– Conference calls
– Call meeting
– Click-to-call
– Local virtual DID numbers in over 100 countries
Special Numbering 
– Toll-free numbers
– Non-geographic numbers
– Contact center
– Customer care

To get local termination numbers and give your call center a local presence with domestic calling capabilities, contact us today

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