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Discover Which Solutions Take Your Call Center to the Next Level

Customer Success TeamCommPeak
March 4, 2021
Cloud PBX or Dialer

Whether your company is a large call center that handles high call volumes every day or a small business that only caters to a niche set of clientele, your communication systems must nevertheless always be up-to-date and cost-effective.

The search for the optimal solution can be frustrating, but after you discover CommPeak, your troubles will be over! Our Dialer and Cloud-based PBX will undoubtedly satisfy all your business requirements. 

Cloud PBX vs. the Predictive Dialer: What’s the Difference?

When selecting a reliable business communication solution, most VoIP services companies will choose one of the two most prominent management options — PBX or a predictive dialer.

But which is better?

1. Calls

CommPeak DialerCloud PBX
Customized calling ratiosRoute incoming calls according to rules
Call forwardingQueue management
Rule-based system to match customers and agentsIVR
IVRSet agent hours

2. Reporting 

CommPeak DialerCloud PBX
Comprehensive insightsCommPeak’s real-time Stats system
Call recordingsUser-friendly
Scheduled reports:
How many agents logged in
Total number of calls
Average call duration
Agent idle time
Scheduled reports:
Total numbers of calls
Average call duration
Successful vs. unanswered calls

3. Performance

CommPeak DialerCloud PBX
Advanced statisticsIn-house analytics system
Management-view dashboardCRM integration
CRM integration
Whisper and Barge

4. Costs

CommPeak DialerCloud PBX
More expensive than Cloud PBX Cheaper but less functionality
It doesn’t charge when the shift ends
Second-based all billing, no rounded up

5. Automatic Dialing

CommPeak DialerCloud PBX
No more manual dialingIt does not have this function
Reduces idle time
Reduces human error
Can dial multiple numbers simultaneously

How to Decide Which is Right for Your Call Center? 

When deciding which full-suite communication solution provider is best for your business, it is critical to keep in these three factors:

1. Your Goals

Before researching whether a communication vendor provides solutions for all of your needs, you must first explicitly know them. Outline your business’s budget, needs, and employee requirements.

2. Future Growth

Bear in mind that some vendors have solutions that are easily configurable and reconfigurable. You should theoretically be able to add and reduce extensions whenever you need them. Find communication solutions that can account for your future vision, as well as the present situation. 

3. Professional Consultations

Making a final decision based on content alone is difficult. If you’re struggling with which communication solutions to choose, you should be able to contact a professional. At CommPeak, our dedicated support team is available 24/7/365.

Want to know more about how the CommPeak Dialer and Cloud PBX help maximize your business’s operational efficiency? Contact us today!

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