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Commpeak’s Hosted IP-PBX is a web-based solution of the credible FreePBX® platform, an open source GUI that controls and manages Asterisk - an open source communication server. It's highly customizable and feature-rich - the ideal, low-cost solution for an enterprise of all sizes. Our phone system gives you the flexibility to use any current VoIP phone without any further equipment or extra effort needed.

Smartest and most powerful tech


Easily maintain phone extensions and 
create new ones effortlessly.


View and listen to call recordings.


Live dashboard and KPI tracking.

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Our solutions are designed to offer you the smartest and most powerful tech, at the best value.

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Call routing

Route each incoming phone call to the right person/agent at the most appropriate time.

Call Recordings

Easily record, monitor and listen to all calls conducted by your operation via an intuitive online control panel.

System Integration

Allows you to create unlimited call routes, which you can easily manage in the back-office.

IVR/Auto Attendant

Automatically route calls without the need for a live agent or operator assistance.

Call forwarding

Redirect incoming calls to predefined numbers and forward busy calls to your queue with the caller's information saved for reference.

Work from Anywhere

Employees can remain connected no matter their location with call forwarding capabilities to predetermined numbers.

Auto failover

Built-in failover automatically sends an incoming call via another carrier to the IP address or phone number(s) you indicate, ensuring smooth connection.

Conference calls

Conference calling is a powerful feature that can save you time and money when trying to connect 3 or more people.

Voicemail & Fax to Email

Have your messages delivered to multiple email addresses and mobile devices of your choosing.

Hunt Groups

Distribute calls in an efficient manner. By creating a hunt group in 
a PBX, you minimize the chance a caller will get a busy signal when the call is received.

Whisper, Barge, Listen

Listen in and monitor agent calls, talk to the agent without the client hearing, or barge into both channels allowing both the agent and client to hear you speak.

Find me/Follow me

Select multiple locations to dial when someone calls you. This allows you to be always able to receive business calls without worrying about your location.

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