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CommPeak’s Hosted Cloud IP-PBX is a web-based highly customizable and feature-rich solution - the ideal, low-cost solution for an enterprise of all sizes. While it's based on credible FreePBX® platform, we still extended it with our unique Stats Solution allowing you to keep an eye on your Call Center Productivity in real time. Our Cloud PBX gives you the flexibility to use any current VoIP phone without any further equipment or extra effort needed.

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Stay on top of your call center

  • Assist Agents

    See all your agents' actions in real time. Listen to conversations with customers, assist agents or log them out when needed.

  • Be Posted Anywhere

    Have CDRs and agents' stats in one place, filter and export them. You can instantly listen to any call recording in your PBX or download it for further use.

  • Keep an Eye on KPIs

    Track your real-time performance and call center KPIs in the intuitive PBX Dashboard. Look through your stats per agent and desk.

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Smartest and most powerful Cloud PBX tech solution

Voice over IP trunk management


Easily maintain phone extensions and create new ones effortlessly.

Unlimited call recordings cloud storage


View and listen to call recordings.

High wholesale VoIP performance


Live dashboard and KPI tracking by CommPeak unique Stats System.

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