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Meet the Latest Addition — Our Built-in Softphone

Amichai HadadHead of Product
January 20, 2021
VoIP Softphone

Aren’t you tired of struggling with third-party softphone apps that have confusing user interfaces? Well, those times are finally over! As a part of our mission to make your communications hassle-free, we are delighted to announce the launch of our customizable, enterprise-grade Softphone.

The CommPeak Softphone enables users to make phone calls via the internet using their computers. This feature-rich business app gives you complete flexibility and phone functionality that seamlessly merges with the rest of your CommPeak communication ecosystem.

Why Use the CommPeak Softphone?

  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple inbound and outbound calls
  • Conference calls (up to 6 people)
  • Seamless call transfer
  • Full call history
  • Agent status 
  • Customizable language options
  • Easy login process
  • Smart audio diagnostics
  • Rich phone functionality
  • Robust encryption

Why wait any longer? Take advantage of our free softphone download today!

Swift Compatibility With All CommPeak Products

Our softphone for business seamlessly merges with all CommPeak VoIP-based solutions like our Cloud PBX and predictive Dialer. No extra software is needed to take advantage of this handy tool. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about managing multiple passwords — use your PBX Stats credentials or Google account to log in. 

Conference Calls and Enhanced Communication 

With our smart Softphone, you can effortlessly manage inbound and outbound calls and host conference calls with six people. You can also test the call quality using the built-in echo test, ensuring the highest audio quality. Choose between the full and mini modes to make your calling process all the more convenient. 

Protection of Your Call’s Data

CommPeak’s Softphone utilizes robust end-to-end encryption protocols. You can rest assured that your data is completely secured.  We also employ a single sign-on and encrypted login process to ensure your data is fully safeguarded — leaving you free to focus on your customers.


With our free business softphone, you are no longer tied to your desk. You can easily turn your computer into a full-featured business phone and work from anywhere in the world. The intuitive interface, equipped with a simple dial pad, mimics a real smartphone. You’ll master its features in seconds!

Easy Call Transfer

Solve your customers’ issues faster and more accurately by redirecting calls to the appropriate agents with just a couple of clicks. With our Softphone, both blind and attended transferring options are available. 

Full Call History

When you use CommPeak as your softphone provider, you can discover in-depth details of all the calls received, made, and missed — their duration, status, date, participants, and caller IDs.  

What’s Next? 

At CommPeak, we’re always tweaking and developing the most innovative tools to make your communications smoother and more efficient. Our enterprise-grade Softphone is just another way you can enhance your VoIP experience!

Contact us and try it today!

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