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Common Myths and Misconceptions About VoIP Communications

Customer Success TeamCommPeak
February 9, 2021
Myths about VoIP

The internet has come a long way since becoming commercially available in the mid-’90s. The communication industry has rapidly expanded as a result, with VoIP services strongly emerging over the past decade.

Unfortunately, these cloud-based solutions remain dogged by quite a few misconceptions that range from only partially correct to downright false despite their helpfulness.

The Myths and Misconceptions

1. Lower Costs Equate to Lower Quality

The early days of VoIP-based communications at the turn of the century gave way to two of today’s most prominent misunderstandings about the service: 1) It was inherently more costly, and 2) If the VoIP solutions weren’t more costly, the call quality would be quite poor.

The Truth

VoIP-based communication is now actually cheaper than POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). A switch to VoIP usually saves a company 50% – 75% on average. But the lower costs do NOT come at the expense of quality. Today’s VoIP Service users achieve optimal call quality on both landlines and mobile phones.

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2. VoIP Only Helps Megastores, Not the Corner Store 

Another widespread myth about VoIP communication is that it only becomes helpful after a company becomes large enough to harness its full potential. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Truth

The beauty of any decent VoIP solution is that it can easily change and grow with your business needs. No matter how big or small your business is, VoIP is the most convenient way to communicate with customers and colleagues alike.

3. VoIP Is Overly Complicated

When VoIP communication solutions were in their infancy, they relied mostly on ancient operating systems, under-defined communication tools, and people with particular sets of skills to help them run smoothly.

The Truth

CommPeak puts “ease of use” at the forefront of all its product designs. Call centers no longer need an in-house IT person or extra support with our intelligent, intuitive solutions. We make our communication tools accessible and easy to master, reducing training costs and expediting your operations.

“All of CommPeak’s communication solutions are very easy to understand and manage – I can make changes to rules, campaigns, routing, and users without having to wait.”

4. You Never Know What You’re Paying For

There are few statements more false about VoIP than this one. The majority of VoIP vendors provide users with expense reports that are accurate down to the minute.

The Truth

CommPeak’s communication solutions can track and analyze anything from call duration, location, and cost to real-time stats for the agent on the call. These insights empower executives to make decisions based on accurate and current information.

5. Your Calls Are at Risk

The internet still somewhat resembles the Wild West, just like it did in its early days. Yes, there are risks out there if you’re not careful with your data, but technological advancements have made IP communication more secure than ever.

The Truth

CommPeak helps businesses combat potential security threats by employing business VPN solutions that anonymize and protect your office connection. The CommPeak Softphone encrypts your calls end-to-end automatically, giving your conversations another layer of protection.

CommPeak is also ISO27001:2013 certified, further signifying its ongoing commitment to its customers’ private data, safety, and security.

Experience the Reality of VoIP With CommPeak

CommPeak is always working on multiple projects, creating tools that improve your operational efficiency and success.

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about how CommPeak can help your business succeed with VoIP.

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