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Is VoIP Good for Small and Medium Businesses?

Veronika Petrenko

January 28, 2021

There is a common misconception that, while Voice over IP technology (VoIP) is an optimal choice for large enterprises that deal with a high volume of long-distance calls, for small- to medium-sized companies (SMEs), it is more beneficial to stick to the traditional landline telephony. But is that really the case? Is VoIP just a waste of money for SMEs? In our article, we uncover the truth and debunk the falsehoods. 

8 Benefits of VoIP Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

If you consider your company to be small- or mid-sized, you may think that traditional telephony is enough to cover all your business needs. However, the reality is that  traditional phones are already an obsolete technology. Hardly anyone still has them at home. Unlike IP telephony, which attracts new followers every day because of its flexibility, reliability, and cost-saving nature, traditional phones are not regularly developed and updated.  

All businesses, regardless of industry and size, rely on communication tools to reach their customers, make sales, and expand. There are numerous advantages of VoIP that small or medium business owners can benefit from. Here are eight the most valuable ones:

1. Excellent call quality

Whether you are the owner of a large enterprise or a small company, if you deal with daily calls, you would be wise to choose the latest and highest-quality calling technology. No one wants to lose customers because they simply can’t be heard clearly. It’s undeniable that VoIP technology has already surpassed a traditional phone system in terms of call quality. VoIP or simply calling through the internet is a reliable way to connect with your colleagues, customers, or vendors, no matter their location. 

2. Cost-effectiveness  

Operating costs for VoIP phone systems for small businesses compared to those for traditional landline telephony is much lower. Therefore, you can significantly cut your costs on domestic and international calls. Using DID numbers, you can call worldwide, paying local rates instead of expensive international ones. Moreover, most VoIP providers offer free setup and even give you credentials to make your first call free of charge.

3. Flexibility

There is no better choice than VoIP technology if you are always on the go, whether you like to travel or simply want to switch up your virtual office location. All you need is your computer and a stable internet connection to make or take calls. Besides, VoIP is an extremely scalable solution. If your company is growing, you can easily add more phone lines yourself with just several mouse clicks. 

4. Simplification

It is very simple to set up and manage your VoIP system, and you can get straight to work after some basic configurations. Using VoIP is very easy, as well. It doesn’t take much effort and time for your employees to master the technology — they get everything they need for productive work right on their browsers. 

5. Increased productivity

VoIP technology improves the productivity of each of your employees. It provides users with the ability to place high-quality international calls at very affordable rates, host virtual meetings, and even share significant data within the system. Additionally, a modern VoIP system seamlessly integrates with any CRM system, meaning you always have access to the most up-to-date data about your contacts.  

6. Effective competition

It’s not that easy for SMEs to compete with big enterprises. To do so effectively, you need to have the right small business VoIP solutions. VoIP systems help you better manage your internal and external communications so that you will be able to keep in touch with your prospects at little cost, irrespective of where they are. Plus, you will even be able to compete with businesses on the international market by relocating your office virtually. 

7. Richer call features

With VoIP, you get access to more call features than traditional telephony ever has — call forwarding, call transfer, IVR, conference calls, virtual numbers, and much more. 

8. Multi-functionality

VoIP technology goes well beyond making and receiving calls. Modern VoIP phone systems for medium businesses can incorporate other communication and automated solutions like Auto Dialer, Cloud PBX, etc. This way, your company gets a seamless, truly unified experience, which increases your productivity.  

Wrapping Up

So, is VoIP good for a small business? The answer is straightforward —  yes! No matter whether you run a small, medium, or large company, VoIP is your friend. With its many benefits, it’s no surprise that the VoIP market is crowded today. However, not all providers offer a complete VoIP packaged solution like CommPeak. We provide businesses of any size with communication power, flexibility, and global reach. Besides, you are never alone when it comes to voicing your needs — our technical experts are always online to take care of any of your communication issues. 

Want to try out VoIP technology for your small or medium business? Contact us today.