SMS messaging has never been easier

SMS messaging is the most common and easiest way of digital communication. With CommPeak messaging service you can instantly reach your customers and efficiently increase engagement with your audience wherever they are and whenever you need.

End-to-end testing that will keep our service robust and reliable

Dynamic routing

Guarantee of the best quality and deliverability on the one hand, and efficient conversion on the other.

2-way SMS

Increase engagement with your customers.


SMPP/HTTP API integration.

It's super easy

All the features of our services are available in one place in the user portal. CommPeak can offer you convenient and light tool for your business solutions with 24/7 support

How does it work

For the beginning of your campaign you only need to:

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    Sign up for our 
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  • Activate your SMS account

    Launch in a few clicks

  • Create channels

    Put your IP and choose the type of Product you need

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